Saturday, February 23, 2008

february twenty-three

Last night Sean got up somewhere in the middle of the night, after 2 am, and cried for over an hour. (Just over the hour mark). Poor fellow. I wasn't getting him. He has to learn that his crib is where he sleeps for the night. Though, after the hour of crying, he did fall back asleep and slept until past 9 am this morning. (So he really was tired. He just wanted mommy's bed). After a morning bottle, he fell back asleep with me, until past 12 o'clock (noon). I am so grateful for the morning sleep in today. I feel rejuvenated. (I see that Blogger's spell check is now working again? It just helped me spell rejuvenated, apparently I had spelled it wrong).

This afternoon Jamie & I caught up on Thursday's episode of Survivor, had some lunch, hung out, and I ran an errand mid-afternoon to the Pharmacy to pick up my missed package at the post office. It was a delivery for Robyn's Nest - and I will be sharing the details of that package hopefully tomorrow. I got a new (awesome) product in stock, and I'm very excited. Speaking of Robyn's Nest - don't forget that the March Sock Club kits (which are AWESOME by the way - handpainter Shelby (who just had a baby boy this past week - Congrats!) and designer Angela are working hard for you!) Also, all Cascade yarns are on sale until the end of February, which ends in less than a week! Take advantage of 20% off! Don't forget to check out our super cute Duck DPN holders - in stock now!

This evening I went to the Habs game with my sister. Tonight there was a ceremoney before the game, in honor of Bob Gainey. They retired his number, 23. He won 5 Stanley Cups with the Habs during his 1972-1989 Career with the Habs. He played in 1160 regular season games, scored 239 goals, and registered 263 assists. He is now currently the General Manager of the Habs. The guy has been through a lot. In 1995, he lost his wife Cathy to Brain Cancer. And on December 8th, 2006, Gainey's 25 year-old daughter Laura went missing when she was swept overboard while sailing in the in the North Atlantic.

The Habs lost tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets - 3-0. Though, there I was in the stands, still enjoying the game, knitting. I cast on for a Baby Surprise Jacket for baby boy number 2. I'm already 8 rows in, on the first night of knitting it. It's started off with 160 stitches, so it's a LOT of knitting! I'm using Lorna's Laces Sport Multi that I got on ebay eons ago - so I'm stash busting! It's the Devon colorway - which is a bunch of shades of blue - I think it will look very nice on a baby boy, and I like so far, the way the yarn is coming out as it's knitted in long rows.

Oh, and my sister was knitting tonight too. Her scarf is coming along fabulously. Her scarf is now way longer than 4 remote controls - LOL - as she describes on her blog! Go on over & check it out!

28 more posts til 1,000! (Less than a month!) I will be posting the contest details on March 1st, 2008 so stay tuned.

ps- Yes I know, I've been to 2 Habs games this week, and 3 Habs games this month. Next month cools down with only 1 game to attend, which I'm going with my mother, and I'm trying to convince my brother to take me to the last game of the season (they're his tickets that night) against Toronto in April. (Not only is it against Toronto, but it's the last game of the year, and apparently high in demand... so I've already started begging!) (Maybe he wants a pair of hand knit socks in exchange??) But otherwise, the March game is my last game of the regular season, and then I have to fight for play off tickets - since they'll be somehow split up - not sure how yet. Maybe I'll be lucky and get to go - but as of now we're one of the top teams in our division, so we're in a playoff spot right now! GO HABS GO!


Emily said...

I can't wait to see how the baby jacket comes out! I love the Devon colorway.

Caroline said...

I'm sorry you saw the Habs lose again! :( You're so lucky if you get to see the playoffs! I don't think I'll be able to score tickets. We have tickets for the March 30th game against the Senators. It should be an interesting game.

Jennifer said...

Woohoo - Go Bluejackets ;) Sorry...that's not a nice thing to say to my new knitting/baby blog friend, is it? hehe I'm from Ohio, so I have to root for my Columbus boys. How fun that you get to go to so many games...assuming you share season tix w/ someone?

Love Sean's new 'do, by the way - looks so cute and big-boyish :)

Kimber said...

The Baby Surprise is so much fun - I have made a few and will make many more.... can't wait to see it's progression!

O. said...

I do that too, record Survivor and watch it in my spare time - Thursdays, when it airs, just always seems busy! :)