Friday, February 08, 2008

february eight: 58 weeks old

Sean is 58 weeks old today. He loves the camera, but it's hard to get him to sit still!

This morning we went to visit my sister at work (I had a couple of things to do using their printer at work - color laser! Oh, do I want one!) and Sean decided to pull his weight at my father's company. (He'll be the Future owner?!!) My sister chronicled his day's work here and it's just too cute.

This afternoon I went to UPS to pick up my Sleepywrap that I won on DE Reviews. I chose the light blue colored one, and I cannot wait to use it with baby number 2. For now, it'll go into his nursery (where Sean is still currently sleeping). I had to pay a duty charge (customs) because with UPS they don't agree that gifts can come from a company they have to be person-to-person. So if you go and buy something off a website for a friend who lives in Canada, and UPS ships it to them, even though you ordered it for them - because it didn't come from your home address - they don't consider it a gift. (Just so you know!) Another reason to hate UPS. Luckily the nice people over at sleepywrap reimbursed me for the charges. That was very nice of them.

Does anyone know where I can get pencil toppers that look like this? I checked out a few local stores around here, and I have not been able to find. Please - someone - let me know where I can find some?

Pregnant women should NOT watch Baby Story on TLC. Upon the birth of a baby, I started to bawl.... there should be a disclaimer for pregnant women to shut off the tv.

I entered a contest over at Just Kat Stuff. It's for a tshirt for mom's. This one above is my fave tshirt - and I think it describes me best. The never ending laundry thing... Yep!

My laptop caught a virus. Whenever I've rebooted it opens this unknown file. I've run an antivirus and spypot software, can't figure out if the file has been deleted. I've uninstalled Windows Live running a search and I'm going to see if it's still there tomorrow. (I hope not). Because if it doesn't go away, then I have to re-format my harddrive. I don't want to do that.... it's a bigger pain in my arse if I have to reformat my harddrive. We'll see tomorrow morning what's up with that.

Oh - I've started using the Pampers diapers that I got to review. I'll keep you posted on how I like them. I will be asking my husband for his opinion as well - considering that he changes the diapers as well! I think we've been using them for about 2 days now... and I'll give it a week before I give my opinion on the pampers. Don't forget I have Baby Dry and Cruisers that we're checking out. So I have two products (with their corresponding wipes) to try out.


Nicole said...

I know in the end that diapers are personal preference. But I will tell you that when my son was in diapers I found that we had more accidents with Pampers. I loves and used the Huggies Supreme.

Huckdoll said...

I have always been a Pampers fan. Cruisers and Baby-Dry. They have such a loverly smell that you just don't get with Huggies. Thing is, pee in a Huggies diaper balls up and I think that's what makes it a better diaper, whereas pee in a Pampers diaper just absorbs and gets really heavy and wet. Nonetheless, I live Pampers for the fit and smell.

Oh, I also had to turn the Baby Story OFF!!!

LizzieK8 said...

If you find the pencil toppers, please share. I've been looking for them in all the usual places here, too.

Caroline said...

I'm not a mom and I always, always cry during A Baby Story.

Tara said...

I'm exactly like Caroline (except that I'm a mom). I still cry every. single. time. I watch A Baby Story. The one think you definitely SHOULDN'T watch is Bringing Home Baby. An awful reminder of the first night at home. hehehe.

Secret Pal Angel said...

Search for devil duck pencil topper. :o)

g-girl said...

oh, i loved your sister's chronicling of sean's day at work. too cute!!