Tuesday, February 05, 2008

february five

This morning we had our Tuesday morning swimming class, and Sean modelled the Frog towel for us to all see. I just love these towels that I got him. They're just wonderful. And cute.

I got this wonderful package in the mail today. I want to thank Dawn so very much for being so very generous. She sent me some Lang Jawoll, Trekking XXL and some Koigu (which I've never knit up before, and the color is absolutely gorgeous. I wasn't expecting the Koigu to be so thick, maybe there are different types of their sock yarn? The Peach body stuff is yummy smelling and I just love all! And gum... a girl can't have too much gum. I love gum. I'm a gum chewer. It's my preferred candy of choice. Dawn was in my SP11 group and wanted to send me a parcel when she found out that my original SP11 pal flaked on me. (I never received anything from SP11 during August - November). Thank you for being so sweet Dawn, I truly appreciate what you put together for me. Dawn, also had sent me these two patterns as well, The Heather Chevron Socks, and The Anne Diamond Socks. You are a kind soul. You made my day.

Picked up my grandmother and took her out for lunch. She hadn't seen Sean in a while, so we went out for lunch, and then we both needed things from Walmart so I brought her there. It was nice to spend some time with her. On the way home, I ran an errand at Costco, went to do some banking and picked up a few groceries. I think Sean was excited when we finally got home, because he'd been in the car seat/stroller/high chair/shopping cart strapped in all day, and was ready to run around!

From the bottom to the top, the blue/red/yellow square is square number 40. Then the turquoise square with the yellow tip is square number 41. The next square, the blue/grey square above the turquoise/yellow square is square number 42. Next, on top of that one, the red/burgundy/black & white square is number 43. After that, the square with the shades of blue is number 44.

The blue/brown/beige square (Bottom left) which is Lucy from Socks that Rock, and that's square number 45. The one above it, the peach/brown/turquoise square, Cracked Crayon from Socks That Rock is square number 46. Then, above that, the green/blues square, is square number 47. Those three are leftovers from Andrea, that I got in the mail last week. I fell in love with those colors and had to cast them on right away! Thanks Andrea for sending them.

Square number 48 has been cast on, as you can see, and the blankie is making great progress. I hope to get it completely finished before the end of March. But we'll see if that's possible.

I won a contest over at Dorky Best Friend for her scavenger photo hunt she had. I won this set of book & lace weight yarn. Thank you! I'm so very excited!


Andrea said...

You ARE spoiled!!! I hope you enjoy everything :D

summer said...

that blankie looks great!!!!

Sean looks adorable in those towels!!! Did you get at Wal-Mart?

Andrea said...

I'm going to enjoy picking out my contributions when your blanket is done.

g-girl said...

first of all, sean's blanket looks amazing and I just know it is going to be so loved by him. :) awesome package..and congrats on winning the lace book and some laceweight yarn! the frog towel is cute. though i think my favorite is the elephant. lol.

sharon said...

They will be knit into something else again - perhaps I need to send you enough for a square for the blanket. I love the colour too, it's just not working in this sock.

Mojavi said...

thanks for the swimming idea.. i finally found a indoor pool with a good price for lessons. We start MONDAY!!! yippeee.... not so happy about getting in a swim suit but whatever!

Tara said...

The blanket is looking great! Very Mason-Dixon :)