Friday, February 22, 2008

february twenty-two: 60 weeks

I slept in a little bit this morning. Not as much as I would have liked to of slept in (unfortunately). I did hit the snooze button a few times... that's for sure. It was nice to of slept an entire night with the baby monitor off. Turns out, he fell asleep late at my parents house (10:15 pm) slept until 1:30 am, my mom tried for 1 hour to get him to go back into the crib, but after falling asleep on her a few times, upon transferring him back, he woke up crying. She gave up at 2:30 am, and let him sleep in between her & my father. What a little bugger.

This afternoon I ran some errands with my mother, and one of them was to get Sean, finally, a haircut. The hubby has been bugging me for over a month now to get his haircut. I was hearing it from everyone that he needed one. I just wasn't ready - even today - still wasn't ready. The hair that came off today, was the hair he was born with.... and now... it's gone. Forever. But, I admit, it was bad. Wearing a hat (as it's winter) doesn't help either. It flattens it out, and is just not good for his hair situation. If it was summer, I'd probably let it still grow, as it's beautiful after the bath, all curly, and controlled (and it stays that way). It's the winter hat that messes with the situation, and it's not good at all.

He got to watch the movie Cars while he got his hair cut. She started with the razor because his hair was so long.

But, he was unsure of it, as it was making noise, so the razor was used very quickly while we tried to distract him.
Yep, he hates the Razor. He let us know. That was one unhappy camper for the first part of the cut.

But he sat very well when she finished his hair with the scissors. He was a real trooper. I'm very proud of him. I'm actually very proud of myself. Yes, I was nervous the ENTIRE time he was getting his hair cut, but I realized today that it was VERY needed. The girl who cut his hair, said that the way his hair is, it will definitely 100% curl once it grows back, so I don't have to worry about losing the blonde curls. Phew! That was one of my worries. But he definitely has his father's hair. That's for sure.

They even gave us a certificate for his very first hair cut. It's going straight into his baby book.

Oh my does he look like a BIG boy now. Like you wouldn't believe. I almost don't recognize my own son anymore. He's such a big boy. Wow. I find that he looks very handsome with his new 'do.
He even knows what to do with the brush. For a few days now, when you give him his brush (or mine), it goes to the head, and he tries to brush it! It's very cute.

Sean is now 60 weeks old. On Thursday, he's 14 months old. Besides distinguishing Mama & Dada, he can say "Up", "Down", "Hot" (as of last night) and he shakes his head no when you say "No"... He gives you his feet when you either want to put socks or shoes on him (he knows where they go). He knows that the phone you put to your ear. And as above, that a brush is for the hair. He chases after the cats calling them "Juice" (one of our cats is named Zeus), and that's what he calls them. (The other one is Jazz, but I "yell" at Zeus more for the dumb things he does, so her hears Zeus' name more often). What else?? He's just my big boy now! I can't believe he's already almost 14 months old.
My in-laws came for dinner tonight, and brought dinner, which was very much needed (home cooked dinner). I've been zonked lately, and it just felt great to not have to think about dinner for once.
I missed a package in the mail today, and can't figure out what it is, so I'll be running to the post office tomorrow to get it! I also have a bunch of errands still to do, but I think they will wait until Monday. Some of the stores I need to go to, should be avoided on weekends.
I am still sure there is more I want to talk about/mention, but I'm just zonked, so I'm going to go catch some Zz's and I'll be back tomorrow....! Between being pregnant and chasing Sean around, and running around doing errands all day, I'm beat by the time we are done dinner every night. Hopefully I'll get some energy back soon (I thought it was supposed to come back in the 2nd trimester??)


Huckdoll said...

AW! The short hair really suits him big time! My girls have that straight long hair that curls at the ends and it KILLED me to go for that first haircut. Really. But, I realized too that the curls grow back. That said, I've never taken them for a second haircut. I'm lucky they are girls and we can just let it grow and grow :)

Bea said...

He looks so cute with his new do!

Barb said...

awww the haircut is so cute!!

Nichole D. said...

I still haven't gotten my daughter's hair cut. She has the head full of curls, too!

Bertha said...

Oh my gosh!! He does look like such a big boy with his haircut!! Wow. I also love that blue top you're wearing in that last photo, so pretty!

Ammerins said...

Sean, you're such a trooper! The new haircut looks great!
I took Sam to the hairdresser's for the first time last Wednesday, but that was less of a success. All he did was scream and wiggle. The car - nooooo, he did not want to go sit down in it. So on my lap and with quite a lot of patience and dexterity from the hairdresser we finally managed to gethis hair back to 'manageable' ;)
He is sick now, stomach bug...

Anonymous said...

He looks cute! Poor lil thing didn't like the razor, I don't blame him.

Drea said...

awe so cute!! Taite needs a haircut 2.. hes got a mullet.
they 1st like 5 haircuts are normally hard :-) Caleb just not started doing well with them.. he is really ticklish tho.

love the frog holder below! very cute.

Kat said...

Aww, look at that grown up little man! Love the pic of you two. CUTE dress.

I mailed your bags yesterday morning, I forgot to email to tell you!! I don't know how long it will take, but I didn't pay more for a speedier delivery, so could be a week or more I guess. Let me know when you get them, ok?

Summer said...

Sean looks so adorable!!!! That is really cool that they gave him a certificate for his haircut!!!

Did you get a lock of his hair?

Cute pic of you and Sean!!!

Robin said...

That picture of you and Sean is really cute! You guys both have great hair in that one!

Tara said...

I can't believe how much blonder he looks with his hair cut short! Very cute.

g-girl said...

I knew I had missed the haircut post. good thing I was looking for the weird things meme where you tagged me. poor thing. but he does look like such a big boy now!