Sunday, February 17, 2008

february seventeen

Sean woke up at 4 am with a full diaper. I was pleased to see a little bit of firmness to what was in there, hopefully the end of the diarrhea is near. (Please!) Also, there is a really bad rash on his bum. We've been using diaper rash cream, but if it doesn't go away in a day or so, (I'm thinking it's related to the diarrhea), then I'm going to call the doctor, to get an ointment for it - which he's had in the past, from a fungal rash (months ago from his doctor that is now on maternity leave)...

However, I do have to say that when he was getting up at 4 am to let me know that his diaper was full, that I was on my way to bed. Somewhere before midnight last night, I got the urge to clean & organize. I started out with a few things in my office (still about 3 boxes left to unpack of stationary stuff, supplies (craft & office), etc.... and then moved onto my "Yarn Room" (where I store my Robyn's Nest inventory etc. I have a storage unit in there, I finally put my boxes of knitting needles in there on the shelves for easy access, as well as the soak products neatly in order, and also finally took out my sewing machine (I have my sewing table in the corner in my Yarn Room). I also discovered there is no plug in there, so I'll have to run an extention cord into the room from the main basement room when I will sew. (Have not yet in the new house). (Even though I have curtains to finish hemming for the basement....) (That will probably get done when I'm nesting in a bunch of weeks from now- LOL)... Anyhow, I'm SUPER happy with the cleaning & organizing I got done, but I still have a lot on my list to do. I had boxes piling up in my office's ensuite powder room/laundry room, and I stacked them by size in the yarn room under the shelving unit where I have storage space. I use them for shipping when the items don't fit into bubble envelopes, but they were taking up a lot of unnecesary space in my bathroom. Little things like that. And before I knew it, it was almost 4 am.... and Sean was crying with a full diaper. Poor kid.

We fell asleep in my bed, and he got up for the day (and wanted to play) at 7:08 am. Since Jamie let me sleep in yesterday, I took Sean to the den. I half slept on the couch while Sean played for about 2 hours. Finally we went upstairs, he ran around my bedroom for a bit taking things off my night table, and off Jamie's night table as well, and then finally asked for a bottle. He drank it and passed out in my arms. We napped until almost 12:30 pm. (Much needed for me!)

We got up and Jamie made us French Toast on Challah, it was absolutely fabulously delicious, better than on regular bread. After brunch, I met my sister at Canadian Tire to pick up a few items. The main item I was there for, is Shoe Goo, to fix my fave pair of sneakers, which the website said they had in stock, but alas, when I got there, nothing. I did manage to get some specialized light bulbs that I needed, and found paper towel on sale, and as well, the re-useable water cooler that I bought recently (Jan 17th) was now on sale. Then I went with my sister to a grocery store near the Canadian Tire to take advantage of the last day of the sale on those pizzas (from yesterday). I love them. They are soooo good. They didn't have any of the ones that you got for free when you buy 2 of the other kind, but they said if I bought them, I could pick them up tomorrow or this week with a rain check. So I got a raincheck, bought the tomato pizzas, and will go back sometime this week (no rush) to pick up the Casa di Mama pizzas that Jamie likes. I think it will be a long time before I will ever be able to get pizzas for $2.98 each! Really good pizzas too! I think the girl at the cash thought I was nuts for the amount of pizzas I bought today. (About 16 of them....!)

Came home, and did a few things around the house, including hanging my diplomas in my office (I had been meaning to hang them up on the wall!), had one of those tomato pizzas, and then headed off to the West Island Knit Night. It was a lot of fun tonight & we were 6 members strong tonight, including my sister whom I convinced to come out knitting! Tonight, it was myself, my sister, Madeleine, Corinne, Julia & Eugenie. I ended up running into an old friend there, she was having dinner with her (very good looking brother - LOL - I'm still allowed to look - right?) and her husband and their 2 year old daughter. In talking with her it turns out she's pregnant too - due in July! Our babies will be days apart! I am excited to find out if they are having a girl or a boy (they don't know yet). She gave me her card (though I have her on my friends list on facebook) and maybe we'll do lunch sometime soon. Very excited to know someone else who will have a baby near when I'm having a baby! Play group!! I smell play group! Anyhow, I got a square on Sean's blankie finished tonight (I'll count out what number that square is tomorrow...) and we had some really good laughs tonight.

Just waiting for my washer load to finish so I can transfer it to the dryer then hit the pillow for the night. Tomorrow I have class with Sean & then some errands to run in the afternoon.


Maggie said...

Before you apply the diaper rash cream make sure his little bum is dry. If you don't it can trap the moisture against his skin and make the rash worse.

Mojavi said...

it also depends on the cream... Kya has the MOST sensitive skin... I actually have to put diaper cream on her a LOT!

Desitin Original, has the highest amount of zinc oxide... but if your going to go buy that my as well get the cream from your dr. right :)

Knittymuggins said...

Oooh, your knit night sounds fun! And, dang, those pizzas must be good (if you bought 16!)! Enjoy :) Hope the diaper rash goes away!


Tara said...

Have you tried Penaten? It's medicated, and I smear it on Maxime every night before bed (since he'll be sitting in whatever he does until morning). I can't believe you still have the energy to go to bed at 4 AM. I can barely get past 10! LOL!