Thursday, February 14, 2008

february fourteen: happy hallmark holiday

Sean has an upset stomach. This morning he woke up, and threw up in my bed 20 minutes after waking up. That was last night's dinner. He was hungry, and crying for a bottle, so I changed the sheets and made him a bottle. He drank almost that entire bottle. Two minutes later, he rolled over as if to cuddle in my arms and threw up the entire liquids he just drank. Time to change him, me and my sheets - again. Not a good start to my morning.... at 9 am he had toast and has kept that down, as well as all the rest of the food he's eaten today, but we've kept it simple besides his bottles (which I think will be HARD to wean him off of.... we've got 4 containers left, of 900g formula and he's addicted to it, like I'm addicted to diet coke. I swear. He knows the difference between real milk that we give him (3.25%) and his formula. And when he's not in the mood to have real milk, he'll hand you back the bottle and ask for formula.... It is going to be tough). Also - you do not want to be the mom of this kid after he has an upset stomach. The diapers I have to change today.... hopefully he'll feel better soon.... poor Sean!

This morning I put Sean in a red outfit that his cousin Merlyn gave to him. It's 12 month size, and I had TOTALLY forgotten about it. I knew we had it... I just didn't know where it was and had forgotten it was 12 month size. Well - it's a good thing I put him into it now... or he'd never have gotten these adorable pictures. I just love this little elf set!

And I love (just love) how Sean sits with his legs crossed. No. matter. what. Since birth. He's bee doing it. Legs crossed! How cute is that???

His other fave thing - Goldfish. He loves to eat them. We go through a LOT of goldfish in this house. Hubby also eats them like they are going out of style.

Legs crossed again. So sweet. So poised. Just makes me smile. Each. and. every. time.

And then disaster came.... he got the lid off the tupperwear with the goldfish. And it ended up all over the floor. Not fun. Especially since we cancelled the cleaning lady for this week (since I had my OB appointment this afternoon).

I had fun playing with this candy heart generator today. I saw them on another mom blog - and just had to play with them!

Hope you all had a fantastic Hallmark holiday. That's truly what it is... I'm not a fan of it... but will definitely take advantage of any excuse for the hubby to cook for me!

Happy Hallmark Holiday. Pattern for this knitted heart is located here.


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Today my mom came over for a quick lunch and then we headed into the city for my OB apointment. We ran a few errands on our way there, as I had some stuff to do in that area, as well as my mom. She sat in her car with Sean asleep in the car seat while I went to my appointment. I hate the parking in that area, so it was nice to have her sit with Sean while I was in my appointment. My doctor says it's 150% possible that I'm having another small baby. He says that he's sure on Tuesday the UltraSound technician will probably change my due date yet again...! LOL... So he's like, I said June 16th, they said July 8th, so pick any date in between that you'd like to be due on....! What are the chances of a baby born on their due date anyhow - he said. So I'll just stick with June 16th - since I'd rather be prepared "earlier" than later... if you know what I mean! A difference of two weeks and a few days really doesn't change anything. Especially since Sean was born at exactly 38 weeks and my water broke at 37 weeks 5 days. Not taking the chance of not being prepared - so we'll be sticking with the "earlier" due date. Seems reasonable, right? He did say my abdomen is growing at a healthy rate, and all I did was pee on the glucose stick thingy and have them weigh me today. Fairly useless check up. Oh, my doctor did give me the paperwork for my glucose test at the hospital, since last time, we kinda forgot about it - and I ended up going around 30-31 ish weeks for the test, and then it was a false positive and had to do it again... the 2nd time around it was fine, but I asked if I could do it "on time" this time, and he said to do it the week I come back for my next monthly check up - which is in about 4 weeks from now (I'll be 26 weeks pregnant then if I'm 22 weeks now), and he says as long as it's done before I'm 30 weeks, then it's all good. I'd just rather take care of it sooner rather than later - if you know what I mean.

This evening Jamie made me dinner (my fave from him - Stir Fry), and I got a card. Sean got me a card too - with 20$ to spend on whatever knitting stuff I want. Ooh - thank you Sean! I love it. (We decided to not spend a lot of money on the Hallmark Holiday this year). I got Jamie a card - a funny one I did not buy at Hallmark or Carlton Cards and got him from Sean a Mug that says "World's Greatest Snorer" as well as some chocolates and a Saku Koivu Bobblehead. I also got him (from me) a huge Coscto box of his FAVE candies. Simple. Because who needs a holiday to tell the person they love, that they love them?? I just used it as an excuse to have the hubby cook me dinner. And a reason to crack open a bottle of wine mid-week! (I only had 1 small glass, don't worry!) (I allow myself here and there (not often) to have a glass of wine (a small one) in moderation).

Happy Hallmark Holiday Everyone! Hope it was romantic for you!


g-girl said...

dang it, i can't get the link to work! :P i love me some oprah too! ;)

Kimber said...

Sean is such an adorable little elf!!! I'm sorry he hasn't been feeling well and you are dealing with puke - poor little lad.

I hear you on weaning off of "favorites". I hope it goes ok when you finally make the formula to milk switch. You might have to start 1/2 and 1/2 and then slowly increase the milk ratio unitl it's 100% milk????

Anonymous said...

Aw! what an adorable lil elf! I hope he feels better.

Jennifer said...

I'm so behind on my reading, but oh boy is Sean cute in that outfit! I LOVE that first photo where he looks so sweet and innocent!