Thursday, February 21, 2008

february twenty-one

I got some great mail today - a final package from Catherine! Thank you Catherine, I love everything. I will sit down this weekend and check out your blog. She sent me some Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn - which was on my list of yarns to try! The colorway is Pickled Juice - very appropriate to it's color! I got some booties for the new baby, that are crochet (I'm assuming handmade by Catherine?) Also, a baby blanket for the new baby. The red dog is for Sean, and he loves it already. I got a neat notebook (I love notebooks), and a needle inventory set as well as some vintage baby patterns. Some Tea and some lotions. I love everything! Thanks a million!

The other day I found this at Walmart. It's a Frog Holder for Shampoo & Body Wash for Sean's bathtime. It's great. And Adorable. One of the cutest purchases I've made in a while!

Tonight I went with Jamie to the Habs game. It was a GREAT game even though we lost in the end. It was just a really well played game. Of course I got some knitting done, I worked on Sean's blankie.

I've uploaded some DPN holders into the shop. Aren't they great?? They are available for 5 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch DPNs. They come either with white or silver cord & aren't they just cute? They make great gifts!

Sean's sleeping at my parents house tonight & I'm sleeping in tomorrow! I am positive there was a bunch of other things I wanted to talk about today - but I am just simply zonked. Tomorrow after I pick up Sean I'm doing some errands with my mother for the afternoon.

Almost every. last. piece. of laundry is done. By tomorrow I should be laundry free for about at least week. That would be nice.


LizzieK8 said...

What is the largest size DPNs that can be held in the new duckies?

I use four for a sock.

Catherine said...

So glad the package arrived. It took much less time than the first one...must've been the holidays slowing things up before.

I've had fun playing SP "angel" for you. I hope you enjoy the yarns and knit up something lovely with them.

Best wishes to you! I'll be lurking for baby news this summer. :o)