Thursday, February 28, 2008

february twenty-eight: 14 months

Sean is 14 months old today. At 14 months your child might:

1. Your child might start having temper tantrums. (Sometimes if he doesn't get what he wants).

2. Your child may not want to wear clothes! (Yep, he likes to pull off his clothes and sometimes even his diaper! He's gotten his diaper off too!)

3. Your child is learning to feed himself. (He's very interested in trying to feed himself and gets angry if he wants to do it himself and you do it for him).

I received a prize from Heather's Contest. Originally I'd won some Mohair, but since I cannot knit with Mohair, she sent me some Regia (perfect for Sean's blankie project!), some stitch markers (tiny pink ones) as well as a candle, and some Organic Food (Never seen it before, but looks interesting!) Thanks you so much Heather!

I thought I would be able to go ONE week without doing laundry. On Sunday I finished putting away ALL the laundry, and thought that maybe I could get through the week without touching any. Yeah. Freaking. Right. Impossible. Not with a kid. Not possible at all. Laundry must get done. Laundry is always going! It's impossible to get away from it!

Late afternoon Angela came by and we went knitting tonight with the West Island Knits. We were 7 ladies strong tonight, it was a lot of fun. Great to get out of the house for a couple of hours as well, and knit a few rows! (On the Baby Surprise Jacket). I'm on row 28 of 114.... it's growing, and I'm sure I'll have a progress picture for you this weekend.

I've got some new stuff up in the shop! There's a new section in Notions called Nancy's Knit Knacks Products. Nancy has some GREAT stuff that I just had to carry in the shop! First we have the Learn to Spin Kit. Also we have the Electronic Row Counter. Also in addition to the shop we have ID Tags for your Circular Needles (for Organizing them for easy access!) in two different sets: Large and Small. We now have DP WIP Tubes and DPN Storage Tubes. Don't forget that March's Sock Club is on sale until the weekend - and Cascade Yarns are on sale until until tomorrow, February 29th at 20% off.


LizzieK8 said...

I just realized Sean is a week younger than my youngest grandson. Have you made socks for him? If so, what recipe did you use.

I am working on socks for mine (CO 36 with 3 US needles and sock yarn) and will make to the toes. Then take them with me next week to try ons.

Heddy said...

The Dulse is a Maritime treat ... it is dried seaweed, and is as addictive as potato chips (we eat weird stuff down here!). It is a bit of an acquired taste, but something everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. I remember being a little girl, and my mom bringing it home on grocery day, and the two of us eating a whole bag while watching MASH on tv.

I hope those colours are Ok for Sean's blankie -- I figured you probably had lots of blues already ... and I really thought the green, red, yellow ball was pretty, and find the look of yellow and blues together very peaceful.

g-girl said...

my fiance loves dulse--it's expensive stuff out here. hey, love your dress! didn't get to comment on it in the hair cut post. :)

Tara said...

Wow, you're just always winning stuff, aren't you? I've never knit with Regia (can you believe that?).