Monday, February 11, 2008

february eleven: 22 weeks pregnant

22 Weeks pregnant today. Look at that belly. I think I've really popped out! For the first time this pregnancy, I'm showing some round belly in the flesh! I think last pregnancy I did show a few actual belly shots, but once the stretch marks really start taking a toll, I won't be showing that belly anymore! (I am using cream.... yes I am..... but does it work... hell no! And genetics? Feh! My mother had 3 kids and not a SINGLE stretch mark to boot...! (Or so she says!) NOT FAIR!) This week I have an OB apt on Valentine's Day... (How romantic!) and next week UltraSound number 2...! Maybe they'll tell me they still think the baby is small and I'll get to go back for a 3rd U/S. Any chance to see the baby, I'm game. And I know, I have small babies... Sean proved it. All 5 lbs 5 oz of him. Which dropped to 4 lbs 14 oz upon hospital check-out and then 4 and a half pounds by by the time he was not even half a week old. Small baby, don't you think?)

This morning we had our Walkie Talkie class (that's what the class is called) and we painted again. Well, Sean did. I don't have to help him, he's very good with the painting.

But this time, we used trucks and cars to paint... for the "rolling" effect. It was damn neat. I would have never of thought of that. (I've done sponges, and potatos... but never cars!) Must remember that one!

And here is his finished master piece. I cannot wait for the day I can bring home these paintings. They are SO going up in the house.

After painting was over, he played with some toys, he loves playing with all the toys in class.

And then it was snack time. Our teacher hands out apple juice (we always bring a sippy cup for that) and 2 crackers per child (though, they are allowed more if they are hungry). During snack time we are read a story, and it's a different one each week!

After class we came home, and added potatos to the slow cooker which already had dinner cooking. The house smelled delicious by the time we got home. Jack & his mommy ran some errands and then came by for a bit to hang out and see our new house. The two boys had some snacks and played for a bit. Jack was super tired today, so they left when he got really cranky. At that point, we headed off for a few hour visit (and lunch!) at my parents house, who safely returned from vacation. My sister stopped by as well to see the little munchkin!

Sean fell asleep in my mom's arms before we even left the house (with his coat, hat and scarf on!) so I put him in his car seat, and we went home. Sean napped in the car for about an hour (while I worked on some stitch markers for the shop (below)) and then got up. He had a bottle and fell back asleep on me - on the couch while I watched today's Oprah. Jamie got home, we ate dinner (my delicious stew from the slow cooker) (I improvised a recipe and it turned out very well! I am very impressed with myself!) and then it was time for Sean's bath....

That's when the real adventure began.

All's well, Sean was playing in the bath. I let him play for about 8-10 minutes before I wash him from head to toe, and then he likes to play while the bath drains, and then we get out, get into pj's and have a bedtime bottle.

Well, not tonight my friends. Please skip below if you are not interested in baby stories and/or get nauseas easily. I'm not that graphic, but I do share details that non-mommies may not be able to handle??

Tonight, Sean had my beef stew for dinner.

Tonight, Sean went to the bathroom in the tub. Number 2.

I was sitting there reading my Canadian Family magazine next to the tub when I looked at him with a big smile on his face, and poop in his hand.

I called to Jamie, who couldn't hear me in the basement, and when he finally did, he came running up like something bad had happened. When he realized that Sean had just taken a dump in the tub, he relaxed. He took Sean into the shower, and I started to get gloves, a bucket and stuff to clean the tub.

Once he was done with Sean, I dumped all the toys into the shower stall, to rinse them off, and then drained the tub. I thought it was easier to drain the tub, and then clean up the poop than to dump buckets of water and poop into the toilet.

If I wasn't pregnant, this would have been a LOT easier. But damn, the nausea.....

So, I managed to drain the tub, and put the rubber gloves on, and clean up the poop with a paper towel. My next idea was to rinse the tub down and then use Comet to clean out the tub.

Well, I didn't get that far. I did manage to clean the poop with paper towel and put it into a plastic bag (as I would when the cats throw up - that's how I clean it). (When I can't get Jamie to do it - since they're his cats).

I had my mouth & nose tucked into my tshirt - because of the smell. And that's when the nausea took over, and I hurled in my shirt. Let me tell you, I wish I hadn't had my mouth/nose in my shirt, things would have been a LOT easier and cleaner. Let me tell you.

I'm laughing about this all now... but I wasn't earlier.

Sorry to be graphic... I just had to share what my evening tonight was like.

I just hope this kid never poops in the tub or in his swim diaper in the pool ever again.

The stitch markers added to the shop are the 5 sets below: (Handmade by me of course!)

I had a dream last night I bought a house a few blocks from my new house (around the corner from my parents house), it was actually a childhood home of a friend from elementary school, so I've been in the house before, but we're talking YEARS ago... it's weird how vivid and realistic my dream was, even though I hadn't been there since, like, the 3rd grade maybe. In the dream, I had bought the house and was doing renovations, and I was working out where in the house my office would be. That was the main focus to the dream. I wonder what that symbolizes?

I should not be allowed to watch Oprah either anymore. The tears just starting pouring out - when it was Oprah's Dream Home Makeover episode. Man, the sob stories don't mix well with pregnant people. Seriously.

Alright, we've got swimming tomorrow, must get to sleep. Just waiting a few more minutes for yet another load of laundry to be done so I can put it in the dryer. (It never ends??)


O. said...

Oh my, what a story! While reading, it really sounded so funny, the way you described the situation, but I'm so sorry for you, for the clean up you had to do and the smell! You poor thing. Baby Sean, you better behave and give your mom a break these days from 'smelly' situations like that. :)
Have a good night!

K. said...

Hahahahahaha! That was so funny to read, especially the part about Sean smiling whilst holding his poop! For stretch marks, you should try sweet almond oil. It's amazing for the skin. (I'll bring you some next time I see you)

Tara said...

Oh Dear. That WAS amusing! :) Emilie did the same thing a few times (but was very upset at having pooped in the tub, actually). It never made me throw up, mind you... (can't believe you threw up in your own shirt). Poor baby! :)

AliP said...

At first I was all "Oh no poor Robyn!!" and then I started laughing and couldn't stop...I'm sorry. I am a bad knit friend. I know...tee hee..ahem..sorry.
I'm so in love with my slow cooker. Hot yumminess ready with minimum of effort.
You like you like shrimp? We had an awesome spinach, tomato and shrimp linguine last night from Eating Well magazine recipe. SO good.(not slow cooker though)
Also..Company's Coming Slow Cooker Dinners is an awesome slow cooker book.

Drea said...

To be honest I used all that palmers cocoa butter stuff for stretch marks while preggo w/ Caleb. Didnt work at all and I was very religious about it.

My mom has ZERO stretch marks as well. Shes 52 and had 2 kids, none at all.

So I thought Id be like her... wrong HAHA

A lot of it is generic.. so apparently I took after my grandmother and got them.


Im thankful my skins dark so it kinda hides them.

but the palmers did help relieve itchyness.

Ow and so you know I didnt get any more stretch marks the 2nd time around... Taite was smaller tho than Caleb and I didnt feel nearly as round.

LizzieK8 said...

Pregnant Mommas have such an exciting life, don't they? :)

Bertha said...

LOL!! As if the poop wasn't bad enough, throwing up in your shirt?! Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa. Sorry. But that's really freaking funny!

adrienne said...

just plain GROSS! ;(

Stacey said...

Thanks for entering my contest! I'm from Manitoba, way down south by the US/Canada border.

Big Girl Feet said...

oh no!!! you'll definitely have a story to tell Sean when he gets older!!

and crazy dream!!

Amanda said...

It's actually kind of funny that this is coming up now - a few weeks ago, a friend of a friend posted on her blog that her little girl did the EXACT same thing.

Twice - two separate occasions!

Well, at least you're not alone! And I'm so sorry about the throwing up...although I would probably do the same thing...eew.

Amelah said...

I am sorry i could not resist.
Almost brings another certian childhood story to shame:
"Mom, the alligator made a cacky [spelling?] on the floor!!!!"
I love that kid!!

Kimber said...

Cute belly! I am using the same cream too! (although I don't know why, I have stretch marks already and cream isn't really going to stop any new ones!).

Your story made me laugh out loud in Starbucks! This sounds like something that would happen to me! Glad you got through it and can laugh at it now. I am hoping bath times goes better tonight for you.

Well today is the u/s... wish us luck that this baby is healthy, and cooperative with showing off the goods!

Oh yeah, the blanket I am making is made up of fish shapes instead of squares. In between selling our condo (goes on the market next week) and getting our new computer I'll post a new picture of progress....

Marlee said...

wow, you look fabulous! I never would've had the guts to TAKE the pic much less POST it when I was pregnant--good for you! :)

Mojavi said...

first of all you are totally adorable and I love your new do! Also that class looks like sooo much fun.. but the best part of the whole post was you hurlin' in your shirt! I am sooo sorry! lol sooo sorry.. but man it was funny :)

Huckdoll said...

Ew! We've had one pooping incident in over two years and it was so gross that I just threw out all of the bath toys.

PS. You look very lovely pregnant.

g-girl said...

oh, you poor dear. i thought it had stopped with the poop in the tub, i hadn't realized there was more to the story!! sucks that the palmers doesn't work..good to know for the future though!

Kat said...

CUTE baby tummy!
I am still chuckling at your puke story... sorry... I puked so much when I was pregnant - I have some pretty bad stories myself. oh man.