Sunday, February 24, 2008

february twenty-four

I got to sleep in a little bit today, and Sean actually slept through the night last night (so very happy about that!) I decided to go to Walmart to do a return this morning around 10:30 am, and found myself stunned that it was PACKED at 10:30 am on a Sunday morning. I figured it would be a great time to go to Walmart. Yeah right. The returns line wasn't bad at all - it was just the rest of Walmart. I got what I needed done, and probably got it done faster because Sean was at home with Jamie. Makes things a lot easier.

This afternoon we chilled on the couch, watched some TV and when Jamie went to go visit his mom (in the hospital), I gave Sean a bath, and then got him down for a nap. (Jamie's mom is doing better - she just had some surgery to fix something from a past surgery from 2005 and had some complications after leaving the hospital about a week ago - she's doing better and is in better spirits today). If I wasn't pregnant, I'd have dropped off Sean at my parents and gone with - but being pregnant, the place to avoid is the hospital. Jamie's mom totally understood why I didn't come. I can't risk picking up a germ/virus/bug.

I've been working on the Baby Surprise Jacket all day, and I love the way it's coming out. I'm currently on row 23 (of 114). I still have a LONG way to go - but it's coming along nicely. And I really like the way the Lorna's Laces Sport is coming out on the US4 needles. It's a great knit!

I've been doing a LOT of thinking, and I'm going to be talking to my OB at my next appointment about what his thoughts on inducing are. What I'm thinking is that because I have a child already, and I need to make arrangements for him while I'm at the hospital, AND I'd like my doctor to actually deliver baby number 2 - (as he did Sean - and as he delivered me!!! Yes, My OB delivered me almost 27 years ago...!) that I'd like him to be the one again. I'm hoping that somewhere around 38 weeks, he'll induce me when he's on duty at the hospital. (Unless (knock on wood) baby number 2 is breech and I have to have a scheduled C-section - then that's another story). But I do want to find out what his thoughts on induction are. What is also going through my mind is that with Sean, near the end, I was 10-12 lbs swollen in water weight. I could not see my ankles anymore, and it was hard to walk on them. This time around, if this happen again, I've got a toddler to care for, and this wouldn't be fun. So I'm wondering if I have any chance to be induced - should this be my wish... it's not fun when you're uncomfortable at the end of your pregnancy. I certainly remember - and I wasn't induced last time - I actually had my water break "naturally".... Anyhow - any of you - my readers - been induced? Did you request it? Was it your doctor's choice? Was it because you were late? Was it because of medical reasons? I'm curious.

This evening I watched a bit of the Oscars as well as Big Brother (with Jamie - we watch it together) and knit. Sean's finally in bed, and I'm going to go hop into a nice hot shower & hit the sack. We've got our class early tomorrow morning, and I'm finding it harder and harder as the weeks go by to actually get out of bed!


LJR said...

Hey, I was induced for medical reasons. About a week before my due date, I started to get toxemia. I was induced four times. Three times with the gel and once with the IV drip and it still didn't work. I had a very stubborn baby! In the end, I ended up having a c-section because there was just too much stress being put on the baby.
I can't see why the doctor wouldn't do it if you are very close to your date anyway. It obvously can't be harmful to the baby or you, otherwise they wouldn't do it. I would definitely ask, the worst he could say is no.

Tara said...

I've never been induced myself, but some of my girlfriends have been. As I understand it, it makes the contractions a little more powerful! But it can indeed be something to consider when you've got to make arrangements for another little one (especially one as young as Sean!).

manon said...


Usually, induction is recommended for medical reasons but most of the times, they are done for convenience reasons. Please, remember that when you start labour with any medical intervention, you increase your risks of more complications.

I had an induction with my second one because I was heading to 42 weeks of pregnancy (Yes, walking was painful at that point for me too) and my placenta was starting to show areas of calcification (no circulation between mom and baby). Frankly, the night before the procedure, I felt I was heading my car to the garage. It felt bizarre. But we all have our way to see things. You may like this because you know what's coming up & when.

FYI, the 2 last weeks of my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy, I got my mom to come over so she could "babysit" me and my kid(s). LOL It was really great.

My suggestion: Just make plans in case of any type of labour start (time of the day, traffic hours if this is an issue, level of emergency, etc.) This way, you will feel better and less stressed out about the future delivery.

Also, the longer you keep your baby in the nest, the more mature and the healthier s/he'll be and the days after delivery will be better/easier... they are not easy any way. BTW, don't forget that cesarean is a major surgery that will make you move cautiously for at least 2-3 weeks of moving with some pain.

Of course, the MD will probably be happy to induce you: it brings a little more $$ in his/her pocket.

But yes, induction has benefits in some ways and inconvenients. It is hard to weight them and make a enlighten choice.

Nichole D. said...

I was induced with Pitocin about a week and a half before my due date, and after twelve horrible hours, no go. I ended up waiting, and delivering on my due date. I guess I had a stubborn girl who wasn't coming out until she was supposed to!

Jofrog said...

My OB was very against inductions. The chances of ending up with a c-section increase greatly when you are induced.

That said, I was on the fast road to pre-eclempsia, so they did induce me. My body was prepping though, and I was already 100% effaced and 2cm dilated.

I think it's a wait and see thing. You need to see what your body is doing. If it hasn't started the process on its own, you are likely to end up with surgical intervention.

sharon said...

Hi - they broke my water with the first - the day before she was due cause of high blood pressure - nasty.
With the second it was natural (a little pop).
I'm trying to say this right, without being rude.
Having a baby is a natural body thing for women and making it happen at a certain time because you 'want it' a certain way is, well I beleive wrong. You are opening yourself up to other complications and issues.
Let nature take it's course, Robyn, it will be better in the end.

Kim said...


As manon stated, most doctors are usually happy to induce. Not only is it convenient for you, but for your doctor as well.

Three basic problems arise with "elective" inductions. 1) Your cervix may not be ready. At 38weeks, your cervix may still be long/closed and not necessarily inducible. Like others said, they may send you home. However, if the pitocin stresses out the baby enough, or they break your water prematurely and you don't progress - you will have a c/section. Which leads me to...2) You are at an increased risk for intervention and surgery. I use pitocin everyday at work. When used safely and properly, it's great. However, there are many more inherent risks than going into labor naturaly. Stronger contractions, a worn out uterus that won't contract AFTER you deliver - leading to hemorrhage, fetal distress. 3) Baby. Term is between 37 and 40 weeks. However, your baby can easily be 2 weeks behind or ahead. You just never know how he will react to an early delivery. He may have respiratory issues and have to spend some time in NICU for observation.

That all being said, I have sucessuful 38 week inductions ALL the time. I'd just hate for you to do it because of needing to find a babysitter or you're a little uncomfortable and then your little guy end up in NICU or something else happen to you. Also, this pregnancy may not be like your last. You may not have the swelling you did with your first.

My suggestion is wait and see how it goes. It is far too early to make these decisions. Besides, you always need to have arrangments made: you could go into labor at 37 and 6 days ;)

Mojavi said...

lol.. yeah to join the crowd I was induced 8 times! Nothing ever worked and I was given an emergency c section!

la la la now I will schedule a c-section

Josee said...

Personally, I'm not comfortable with the idea of having a medical procedure for the sake of convenience, but that's just my opinion.

I had to be induced for my daughter because my water broke two weeks early and the contractions didn't start on their own. I wasn't happy about it, but her safety was more important. She's healthy now, but all the medications they pumped into me that day certainly affected her first few days of life and I wished I'd been better informed, I might have made different decisions. It's a regret I'll always have.

In any case,when my son was going on two weeks late (my kids are 18 months apart), my doctor suggested I start thinking of being induced or consider having a c-section. I asked for suggestions of bringing on the labour in a more natural way instead, to try before doing that. You know the old wives' tales have a grain of truth to them: I did more laundry and I took lots of long walks and sure enough, exactly two weeks past his due date, and with a MUCH less painful labour, my little guy was born, healthy and howling!

You're lucky, you have family close by that can help out. Not all of us do yet we still manage somehow. And remember that each pregnancy is different, just as each baby is unique. This little guy of yours might have his own ideas on when and how he'll come into this world!

When you do check things out with your doctor, ask what possible side effects the medications can have on both you and the baby, especially if the inducement lasts on the longer end of things. Maybe the medications are better than they were 15 years ago and it's no longer an issue.

Either way, it would be a good idea to have a game plan set up with whoever can help you if you do go into labour on your own - those babies have their own schedules sometimes and they don't always coincide with ours!

Shelley said...

Back from Egypt now! Should be updating my blog soon...hopefully tomorrow. Have missed reading your blog and have done a little catch up (and even went and visited your sister's blog)...will do more later! Hope everything is going well with you!!