Saturday, February 16, 2008

february sixteen

I've been dealing with a kid with diarrhea since Thursday morning. Ever since he threw up, after that, it's been diarrhea (upset tummy). If it's not gone tomorrow, Monday I have to call his doctor. All I smell now is diarrhea. What's funny, is that for some reason it's easier to clean up when changing his diaper, than when it's "regular". Poor kid. He is not acting like anything is wrong, he's his old self. Just making a lot of noises from that "end" of his body. Damn, I hope this passes fast. I'm not giving him his fave foods because of it. I don't want to errupt his tummy even more. Does anyone have any tips to getting rid of it? It's not as if I can give him Imodium. That's for adults. Not toddler safe.

I'm ADDICTED (or maybe it's pregnancy cravings) to Ristorante Pomodori Pizza. Only the one with the tomatos on it. Mmmmm! So much so that I went out and bought like 12 boxes of them. (They were on sale for buy 2 for 8.98$ and get one Casa di Mama pizza for free. In the end, that worked out to just under 3$ per pizza. This worked out perfectly, because I heart thin crust and Jamie loves thick, and the Ristorante ones are thin for me and the free Casa ones are thick crust. What a good score. Now, we have some quick dinners for nights where I either don't want to cook - or we've got to be somewhere and don't have the time to cook! The pizza tonight, TOTALLY hit the spot. Fulfilled my craving!

My three photos for the Yarmulke (Kippah) I crochet (my one attempt at crocheting in the round), is featured on raverly for the pattern! How great is that??

These are my fave pliers. I use them for making my stitch markers for the shop. I like the flat head one, so that it doesn't make marks on the markers.

However, this pair of pliers is at it's death bed unfortunately. The handle is not fixable, and so I'll have to get my hands on another pair. Rest in Peace my poor trustworthy pliers.

While out today at the grocery store I got my hands on a copy of Good Things for kids. It's a Martha Stewart publication, and I believe it's quarterly, (Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall), and have an older issue in my bookcase. I love it. Such creative ideas. So happy I now have a kid to want to use the ideas with! There are some great ideas in there. I can't wait until Sean's old enough to craft with me!

Tonight we watched the movie Mr. Woodcock. It was a funny comedy, with Stifler (Seann William Scott) from American Pie, as well as Billy Bob Thorton & Susan Sarandon. The plot: Taken aback by his mother's wedding announcement, a young man returns home in an effort to stop her from marrying his old high school gym teacher, a man who made high school hell for generations of students. Definitely worth watching at home in the confinement of my own home, but not expensive night at the cinema worth it.

I also caught up on some of my emails that needed responding. I had almost 300 emails in my hotmail inbox, but now it's down to about 170 emails left to respond to. I'll get there. Eventually. If you emailed me, and are waiting for a reply, I'm getting there! I promise.

Blogless Melanie (are you still blogless Melanie?) sent me this video above. Click on the video to watch it (a new window will open). It's about Child Drowning Prevetion. Wow - what a video. I wonder if they teach this in Montreal, if so, I'm soooo signing Sean up. Every mother should watch this video. And grandmothers too :) Ok, I just checked, there are instructors located all across the USA, and one in Australia, but none in Canada. Oh well. I guess it's a good thing that Sean is at least in a swimming class with me. It's a start.

Here is the video called Les peaux de lièvres. more than 700 intarsia panels were knitted by Montreal tricoteuses (OK tricoteurs too probably) to make this video. Here is Tricot Machine's My Space Page. The duo are from Montreal, Quebec. How f-ing cool is that???


LizzieK8 said...

Here in the US, at Ace (and other hardware stores) is a product you can dip your tool handles in to make nice grips on them.

If you can strip the old handles off, you can dip them in the stuff, and have new handles.

It's also great to put on the bottom of fulled slippers to make them waterproof and non-skid.

Ann-Marie said...

sorry that your little man is sick.
You could try the BRAT diet--Bananas, Rice, Applesauce (or Apples) and Toast.
Try that for a couple of days and see if it works.
Then try 1 spoonfull of yoghurt twice a day to build the healthy bacteria back....
My kids get stuff like that all the time and this seems to work for us!


Maggie said...

sorry to hear about the poopy problems! :( Hopefully it passes soon... I know with animals there are a few bugs that can cause diarrhea without making the overall animal sick - I second the yogurt suggestion, to help out the natural tummy bugs.

summer said...

That video is amazing!! That is wonderful that someone is teaching young children water safety!!!

Hope Sean is feeling better soon!!

Marlee said...

Sorry to hear about your little guy! My kids have (luckily) never had it that long. I do avoid giving them milk for about a week after having the stomach flu though, because that seems to keep their tummies irritated...

good luck!

AliP said...

Rice, Bananas, Plain could mash banana and put it in...for the bacteria OR you could empty a capsule of acidophilus into his water or mashed banana,NO juice, lots of water to keep him hydrated while he flushes the pooh-bug out, and keep his bum creamed.
This too shall pass.

Mojavi said...

I looked for that program to sign up Kya and there isn't one here in my area :( also thanks for the magazine tip I am going to order it. Have you ever read Wondertime? it is a really good parent magazine... not like the corny ones.. it has the best thoughful articles in it!

Tara said...

Ugh, powerful video. Especially since the baby sounded EXACTLY like Maxime's babblings!

g-girl said...

wow, the video with the intarsia panels was so cool! i could only watch part of the video of the lil boy swimming in the pool. there have been so many drownings here of little ones that I couldn't watch much of it.