Wednesday, February 20, 2008

february twenty

Sean cried off and on, sorry, let me rephrase that, Sean SCREAMED off and on from 4 am until almost 5 am this morning. Around 5 pm he finally fell back asleep, and I just had to let him cry. I was bad over the weekend for letting him come into our bed in the first place, it screwed up his routine. And I know, when he screamed - that's what he wanted. I wasn't giving in. (And when I checked his diaper this morning, I knew that I made the right decision - he wasn't sitting in anything - so it wasn't a diaper change he wanted).

This morning we had our music/gym class, and afterwards I had to run home as I forgot to take our swimming bag upon leaving the house this morning (pregnancy brain). This morning in the music part of our class, Sean was being a bully. He's the only walking kid in the class, and he kept walking over to different kids and taking the instrument they were playing with. I'm not really happy about this - but what can I do? The other moms find it funny - but I certainly don't. Sean just doesn't understand yet that he can't do that. And the word "NO" doesn't mean anything right now, because when you say it - Sean actually shakes his head NO! He just started doing this yesterday, and it's going to drive me mad if it continues. I'm sorry - but the first time it was cute, but not anymore. It will get old fast (for me).

This afternoon I met up with Angela, we had lunch (I was craving hot dogs with ketchup & onions) and then we came back to my house. We hung out, watched Oprah, surfed the web, and were supposed to knit - but didn't. LOL.
Mid afternoon we ran out to Walmart. I think I should own shares in the baby department or something. I picked up a few shirts for myself, I need to try them on to see if they fit. (I don't try things on the store anymore because a) Sean doesn't allow me to and b) I can get a better idea of how it looks like on me in my own mirror, than the mirrors at the store. I always take home to try. I prefer doing it at home. I like some of the maternity stuff that Walmart has. I hope some of it fits!

I think the boys will one day kill me, but I got them matching outfits. (Sorry boys!) I thought they were super cute. And of course they will have to wear them at the same time. I also have matching sleepers (pjs) that I can't wait for them both to fit into! Aww, so cute.

I received the yarn for the February Sock club, (which went out in the mail already), and Tammy, who dyed the yarn & designed the pattern for the February Sock club sent me a skein of her 3ply Chaos from her Etsy shop (this skein is not the sock club yarn - but another colorway from her shop). It's gorgeous! Stunning. I love the colorway (white, pink, purple & black). Thank you Tammy for the nice gift!

I also received my prize from Erin's contest. I won a lace book & yarn. She also sent me a notebook & some pretty stitch markers. Thank you so much Erin - I love it all. I can't wait to start knitting lace!

In the mail, I also got a pattern from Nadine that she got me at her local LYS, and she also sent me a book for Sean as well a mouse finger puppet. Totally cute. Thank you so much Nadine.

I saw this link from Drea's blog, and it's the coolest thing ever. Have fun!

This evening I went knitting with the NDG Montreal Knits group and at one point were were a FULL house! I think we were about 15-16 or so knitters. Maybe even more! (I forgot to officially count heads, but it was somewhere around there). What a great turn-out! I cast on for the other panel on Sean's Cabled Pull-Over and got the stockinette done for the beginning of it. I will start the pattern tomorrow. I must get it done, he's in 18 month size now, and the size of the sweater I'm making is 18 month size. Worse comes to worse, I do have another boy who will eventually wear 18 month size, but the sweater is for Sean...!

I am very excited to stay in tomorrow and in the morning we have the cleaning lady coming (much needed since I didn't have her come this past week). I am supposed to wait home all day (between 9-5pm) for Staples to show up with a delivery, but I'm hoping they come earlier rather than later because I have an errand to run in the afternoon. Tomorrow night Jamie & I are dropping Sean off (for the entire night!) at my parents house, and heading off to the hockey game. I am very excited to sleep in (no baby!) on Friday morning. Friday my mom & I are going to wak around an indoor mall to get out of the house for the late morning/afternoon.

In Robyn's Nest news - I have re-stocked all 4 of the Shawl Sticks in the shop. They arrived in the mail late yesterday. I just love them and wish I had a shawl already to wear them on! In Sock club news - February's Sock Club Kit has been mailed - if you ordered one, check your mailbox soon! And if you have not yet, please go and sign up for the March sock club! My best friend Angela is designing the pattern (YEY ANGELA!) and the handpainter is none other than Shelby of Shelby B's on Etsy, who just had her baby boy yesterday! 6 lbs and adorable! You have until next Friday to sign up. (I can't believe that February ends next Friday!)

I am sure there was other stuff I wanted to say, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I can barely keep my eyes open....


Nichole D. said...

Alright, here's my unsolicited mom advice. I tried to reserve "no" for big things that need immediate stoppage (touching a hot stove, etc.). Otherwise I just said "I'm not okay with that" or "that's not okay." Helps with the getting "NO!" back.

The sock club yarn is so pretty!

Tara said...

I can't believe you've never knitted lace! I love it, it's really challenging and addictive. :)

Wendy said...

Cute outfits:) I used to joke with Wesley that I was going to buy him and Lani matching outfits! He didn't find me very funny! HA!!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I love knitting lace as well but the title of that book; Knitting Lace Triangles somehow intimidates me. Can't wait to see your projects and I love your blog.

Barb said...

LOVE the Chaos colorway, now I have to order it LOL

Jennifer said...

I love that sock yarn! Although I still find it strange to hear you say you like yarn with purple in it!

Marlee said...'d hate it at our house. I've never been able to let my babies scream, so they've spent a lot of time in our bed. :-O

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

It's the least I could do for two awesome patterns! I need to get me going on some hat knitting pronto!

I work at an early years centre, and the ABCs book was made by our staff more than a few years ago, and we sell those puppets in our resource centre. I think we end up buying them more than we sell them! :)

O. said...

those boys' sets are beautiful! love em!

AliP said...

You are doing a great job parenting Robyn. There is not one right or wrong way. Just do what works for you and try to be as happy as possible. Your boy will turn out just fine. I suck and look how ok mine are...still have all their digits and have'nt knocked over a liquor store yet.
My doctor told me to try 1,2,3 Magic as disciplne for the boys when they were headstrong like at Sean's age (and afterwards too).
Its pretty good.