Monday, February 25, 2008

february twenty-five: 21 weeks :: take two

This morning's class was a lot of fun. First we played with some sand (Sean likes sand play).

But, made a HUGE mess on the floor, which I luckily got to sweep up! (Sand goes into the garbage once swept up - and not back into the sandbox as kids do end up tasting the sand sometimes).

And we also finger painted with some finger paints today. (I managed to get Sean's handprints on another piece of paper for his baby book - the last time I got his feet/hand prints he was just a few months old). I definitely want to try to get them stamped every few months for keepsake in his baby book.

Today was an all boy class, not one of the 2 girls that are in our class (Ashley & Abby and their mommies) showed up! BOYS RULE!

Then this afternoon we went shopping with my mother & sister. Which was supposed to be window shopping. Me in a mall = bad! I picked up a cute onesie for the baby, a pair of PJs for Sean (Joe boxer!) amongst some books and toys for Sean. One toy I picked up, he already has (I wasn't sure if it was exactly the same) but it is, so it's going back shortly to the store. Hubby has been telling me that my pink purse (pictured above here on Sean's stroller) is FILTHY (yep, it has been to hockey games and play dates, etc and gets tossed around....) so I picked up a cute little bag (yes, I have a purse fetish)! and a new wallet (as mine is busting apart and fading...)

Sean loves playing with this drum in our Wednesday music class, so I've found him one today while at Winners. He's been banging away at it since we got home.

I'm all signed up to take Kate Gilbert's class on Two Toe Up Socks on One Circular Needle on Sunday April 20th, 2008 from 10 am until 4 pm. There's spots for 6, so now there's at least 5 left. I'm VERY excited to finally learn 2 socks on 1 circ, AS well as toe-up! It's a double whammy!

21 Weeks Pregnant, Take 2. All decked out in Habs gear. (No game on tonight though). I still feel like my belly is bigger than 21 weeks though.... but who knows.

In regards to all that induction talk yesterday... I was just voicing my thoughts. Thank you everyone for your honest opinions, your medical opinions and your personal experiences. Don't forget that I have not yet discussed it with my doctor, and I have no idea how he feels about it. The only reason I feel so strongly about it - is because I was induced with Sean. My water broke at 37 weeks and 5 days, and I wasn't contracting at all - nor was I dialted or was my cervix any where near effaced. I was put on Pitocin three times in the span of 32 hours. I know the effects of Pitocin - and almost had a C-Section because Sean didn't want to come out. Though, we fought through it and ended up having to use forceps to get Sean out because he wasn't sliding down.

Though, it would be nice to have my actual own doctor deliver my son, since he delivered Sean, and he delivered me as well as my 2 siblings way back when. (Family tradition?) If my doctor isn't against it, and I'm somewhere past 37 weeks, then I will see what the situation will be. It defeinitely would be easier to have a babysitter lined up for Sean, but I definitely don't want to make further complications for myself, or the baby.

I simply wanted your opinions & experiences, as was curious to what you went through and think. I thank you all who shared that with me.

And honestly, I'm freaked out of delivering any baby bigger than Sean was (5 lbs 5 oz) because I know what it took to get him out... and frankly - anything bigger than that - scares the shit out of me! Almost to the point of a C-section..... and what I'm thinking - was since it was SOOOO hard to get Sean through my pelvic area - he wasn't coming down, my mother had the same thing with me, I couldn't fit (at 6 lbs 11 oz) and she had a C-section with me because of that. It took 32 and a half hours to get Sean out, (with forceps none the less)..... maybe a baby larger won't fit?? But, I'm not going to let that freak me out until I'm at least 34-35 weeks + pregnant. (LOL).

My mother gave me the other day two sweaters that someone had hand knit for me when I was a baby. She's kept them all these years. Though, in unisex colors.... do you think they're appropriate to put on a boy - or do you think they're too "girly" of a pattern?

I think this one above (the plain white one) is definitely too girly for baby boy number 2....

These are my knitting badges acquired so far. For details, of their explanation, and to get your own, visit here. It's a fun & neat site!

Don't forget that the March Sock Club kits are on sale until Friday. Also, all Cascade yarns are on sale until the end of February, which ends also on Friday! Take advantage of 20% off!


Bea said...

I think the white and yellow would be appropriate for a boy, but the all white is definitely too girl.

Nichole D. said...

Yeah, I think the solid white one is a little too girly. The one with yellow stripes, though, I think is fine!

Drea said...

i think the 1st one w/ yellow is more boy looking than the 2nd one.. not sure why. their adorable tho. Id put them on a boy.

I couldnt help but notice ur shirt looks a lot like the pattern on your stroller :-)

Firefly said...


Since as you know I am planning on the whole family thing and since we are stuck in the states I am super nervous about doing it here. I saw this documentary"The business of being born" and it gave me a lot of info about different ways of giving birth(including c-section). I think you would like it if you could find it, the website is:
I'll send you an email with more info.

Maaike said...

cool badges. I'll have to figure out which ones I deserve.

Where did you get your progress meters of your WIPs that you have on the left hand sidebar?

Jennifer said...

I can't get over how grown up Sean looks since his haircut! I saw the photos on Amy's blog too...he looks like a little kid! Not a baby any more...but a people!

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt be too freaked out about delivering a baby bigger than Sean! Everything will work out great!

My babies weighed in at:

Jasmine 6lbs 5oz

Justin 7lbs 3oz


and candace was 7lbs 5oz and all of the deliveries went great!

You and Sean look great in your pictures!

kristo said...

My baby was 8lbs 14oz and she was very difficult to deliver but it wasn't her size, its all about the positioning. She was facing the wrong way (not breach but face up) and she ended up needing forceps too. Anyway, my point is that my Mom's first baby was the same situation (wrong position = difficult delivery) but when I was born (baby #2) I was huge (9lbs 10 oz) and I slid right out in only 20 minutes!!! So don't be freaked about having a big baby! ;-)

Andrea said...

Really? Sean was only 5lbs 5oz?! Lucky! :) Tate wasn't that big though either - 6lbs. I'm hoping that this 2nd one is not going to be bigger than that either because YIKES! It's hard pushing those 'lil guys out!

dawn said...

When I was getting ready to have my second son the advice I kept getting was all pregnancies are different. I really was true my first was difficult and the second just slid right out. Plus I think the second time around you know more what's going to happen and what you want to happen. I say don't stress about it you'll do great!

Tara said...

I agree with you that the white one is a bit too girly for a boy (even a small one) ;)

Kimber said...

Sean is looking more like a little boy instead of a baby - I really like his smart new haircut!

The sweaters are lovely but I agree the white one is more girly (it's the lace/eyelets not the colour).

AliP said...

I just got back from a 3 day vacation am still gasping from the shock of Sean's hair cut.
sob....sob...curls all gone....
I never got Cameron's cut until he was about 2...when everyone kept mentioning what a pretty girl he was..but his hair was sooooo silky and fine and this white blonde and I love running my fingers through it. When it grew back it was much thicker and darker. I still regret bowing to the pressure, how pathetic am I??? LOL
At one point Ben had this kooky Rod Stewart hair thing happening. Fine and straight like chick fluff with his longer strands held up by shorter new strands growing in. Was funny and so cute. Eventually it laid down.

Robin said...

I say you do whatever you think is best on the labor thing! No one knows better than you do what the best thing will be! Don't let anyone give you grief about it either!

g-girl said...

you know, both sweaters are a bit girly. I think it's the lines. the white one is really adorable though. yowza, 32 hours of labor and 3 doses of pitocin?? :P I don't think I can hear anymore!! Like Robin said, it's totally up to you what you decide to do. Though it would be nice to decide when to induce as like you said, you'd know ahead of time and Sean would already be staying with your parents.