Tuesday, February 19, 2008

february nineteen: 20 weeks 1 day :: take 2

Sean got up again in the middle of the night last night. I'm beat. Zonked. In need of sleep. I really do not know what I am going to do if he doesn't start sleeping through the night again. He's been NOT sleeping through the night since the diarrhea (which is now gone) started on Thursday. So, since Thursday night/early Friday morning, he's been getting up. Because he was sick (I had to go in there and make sure he wasn't sitting in diarrhea, which was the case for the most part. I brought him into our bed to fall back asleep, but would fall back asleep myself, and only realize in the morning that he was still in our bed. No chance to transfer him back. This can't keep happening now that his tummy is back to normal.... I am going to go insane if it does.... this mama needs her sleep.

I was sooooooooo zonked this morning that we didn't make it to swim class. (I won't miss out on tomorrow's class that's for sure, but we didn't make it to class this morning). Instead we did laundry. There is still a load in the washing machine right now, (and about 2 more loads to go) but every. last. piece. of the six loads I have done are 100% done AND folded. By tomorrow, every last piece of laundry should be done. For once. No idea how it piled up - but it certainly doesn't end. I'm hoping for at least a one week break from laundry, if that is at all possible. From tomorrow until next Wednesday once I'm finished the last two loads.

This afternoon we took Sean to the UltraSound. Bad mistake. My mom was a bit sick and so she didn't end up babysitting him, but the hospital was definitely not a place for a kit who just wanted to run around and touch everything. Ugh!

So, they still think the baby is small. So the hospital has me on record for my due date (A new one!) of Monday, July 7th, 2008. So, as of yesterday, I was only 20 weeks pregnant, not 23 weeks. Whatever. It's all good. They did confirm again, that it is indeed another boy. I saw his "goods".... they were there! As well as all 1o fingers & 10 toes. I got to see his little heart beating, and it was really neat! And tiny! Sean was fascinated by what the UltraSound technician was doing but was still restless.

So baby boy likes to look at us.... he did so 4 weeks ago. I still think he looks like an alien!

Above, apparently is a three quarter length pic of baby boy. Almost all his body. No idea what we're looking at - but okay. I'll take the UltraSound technician's word....!

And here is a profile shot of him. I'm honestly debating doing the 4d Ultra Sound now in about 7-8 weeks only because of these pretty unclear photos. We'll see. It's pretty pricey, and I am not sure if we should really do it. I know that it wasn't 100% worth it with Sean because I waited too long and he barely had enough room to move in my belly and it was hard to see his face. Maybe I'll do it around 27-28 weeks with baby boy. We'll see come April/May.

So my due date of July 7th, 2008 makes me 20 weeks pregnant and 1 day today as I mentioned above. Here's my belly shot that I didn't feel like doing last night, as I was zonked beyond belief. Look everyone, my hair is DOWN! No pony tail. Wore it this way ALL day! Be proud.

In the mail today, I got a letter from Kimberly-Clark, who owns Huggies. I had written them a letter to help them with their product, as I had a batch of diapers that the sticky fastener had fallen off when trying to use them. In return for letting them know about the faulty batch, (I sent them the tabs with the code on them) they sent me a voucher for a free package of diapers, as well as some rebate coupons. That was very nice of them. Speaking of diapers, I will be doing my Pampers review shortly, I'm almost done testing out the Pampers Cruisers as well as the Baby Dry that I am reviewing. Stay tuned for the review. I should have time this weekend to write it up. (As well as a mini book review on the book I recently finished, but forgot to review!)

Also in the mail today, my Spring Interweave Knits finally arrived! I know some of my American friends have owned the issue for a week or just over a week now... I can't believe how long it took to get to me!

This evening I called Blockbusters to see if they had a Playstation 2 game in stock. I have been looking for it 2nd Hand, but Blockbusters apparently has it BRAND NEW for cheaper thatn I've seen it 2nd hand! The girl told me they had it in stock, and so I went to go get it. When I got there, the girl was like "Oh I couldn't find in on the shelves, but I know we have it in stock because the manager did inventory on the weekend and it's an up-to-date inventory". She told me to come back tomorrow and see the manager, who is the only person who knows where it would be. I asked her to call him to find out, since I had come out to their store and all that jazz. She told me she could not call her manager because it was his birthday. What the FUCK? Come on! I am sorry, if you are a manager, and your store is open, you should expect calls from time to time from your employees with questions, etc. I know whenever I've worked retail, etc, my manger was ALWAYS available by phone should I need to ask them something. Anyhow, I'll be going by tomorrow on the way home from our class to speak to this manager about his employee and the rude attitude she gave me. You DO NOT tell a customer over the phone that you have something in stock unless you're 100% sure you have it in stock, because when they show up, they expect to get it... What poor customer service there. I'm hoping he knows where it is, otherwise I'll be really upset.

Not a stitch got knit today. Tomorrow, I promise. Not only is Angela coming over in the afternoon, but I've got the NDG Knit Night tomorrow night! YEY knitting time!


Amanda said...

I can't read ultrasounds to save my life, but I do see a head and something alien-like, so I trust that that baby is a cute lil' guy. :)


Here's to a happy and healthy 20 more weeks!!

Sooo....have you guys thought about names yet? :P

Wendy said...

you are adorable:) I love your baby belly!!

Nichole D. said...

We got the 3D ultrasounds free, but that was kind of a stoke of luck for us.

Pampers are the only diapers and wipes I use. I've tried Luvs and Huggies, and just not as happy with either.

That's so dumb about Blockbuster! How annoying.

Tara said...

I never got the 4d ultrasound, but from what I've seen, they can be a bit easier to make out.

Jennifer said...

Aww he's so cute! :)