Thursday, February 02, 2006

Beautiful Postcards

Class this morning was not too shabby, we went over a little bit of theory, and I worked on some exercises on Quark Express for class. I have no issues with Kathleens class. I asked her this morning about my mark, as it still wasn't updated in the school's system, and she said that she actually signed the official documents yesterday and it should be updated any day now... well I'm waiting.... cuz it bothers me that it still shows that I've failed the class (even though it was a huge mistake and I didn't!)

In our afternoon class - Phillipe decided to only show up for the second half of the class, which to be honest, he should have been there for the first half of the class, as that was where there was more theory, etc. Anyhow, to make a LONG story short, (as to be honest, I'm sick of the situation and story and just want it to end) Phillipe agreed that yes there is a language barrier, and that he will be making a decision by Monday and he'll get back to us during Monday in class. He said that a lot of the issues that were brought up could be fixed, but that if he were to replace Benoit, that it would be a language barrier issue, and nothing else. Phillipe is a cocky person and as a francophone himself doesn't get what's going on - but at least he sees the language barrier. I will update more as the situation progresses (as hopefully it will progress rather than not happen at all).

Got these 2 postcards in the mail today from Kim Carney. I love them. I can't believe she sent two. And she put them in an envelope stamped with little birds, that I plan on putting in my journals when I scrapbook.
This evening I watched Survivor with Jamie, and then CSI and Without a Trace. I worked on my blanket that I'm crocheting, and that's about it. Relaxing evening. I also bid on a no-name battery for my new digital camera, which should be in my hands by Monday latest - that's if Canadapost doesn't do overnight deliveries on Saturday, and I can't wait to play around with it. I bid on 4 batteries, 2 for myself and 2 for my sister and it worked out to 13$US each for 2 batteries. The Canon brand name batteries go for 60-100$ easily each, depending on where you buy it. And if the no-name batteries are no good- then it was only a waste of 13$ (worked out cheaper to buy 2 than to just buy one, so why not!) I did a search on the net first, though, and according to people commenting on - they don't notice the difference at all between the brand name and no-name. It's too bad my batteries from my Rebel 300D won't fit in the the Rebel XT 350D. Shucks. Cuz I have like 3 extra batteries, besides the one that I will be selling with my camera next week, possibly to my friend Iris. (Sheldon asked about it first, and he will let me know his final decision tomorrow night when he comes over, and if not, it's being sold to Iris - thank god for backup - I MUST sell it!) I think I could probably get good money for the 3 batteries on ebay. I'll see if my father-in-law wants to buy any of them first - he has the Rebel 300D. (I can't tell yet if he's jealous that I got the XT or not!)
Bed time. Early morning again tomorrow.

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