Thursday, February 23, 2006

Finished Baby Blanket

This morning I finished the baby blanket for Baby Jonathon (my friends' new born son - born Monday). I am really happy with it. It's crochet - in triple stitch.

Here above is a close up of the blanket. I think it came out VERY nice. I hope they like it. Well, I hope baby Jonathon likes it!

This morning I got up, showered, finished up some homework, and eventually Daphne and I got ready and left to my class at lunch. I sent off the baby blanket at the post office next to class, and then headed to class.

My class lasted 3 hours long, and we received back our Chair project. I received 17/20 but then lost 2 marks because I handed it in a week late - so in the end I got a 15/20. (75%). I am a little disappointed that it wasn't a little higher of a grade, but I will bite my tongue and accept that grade.

Daphne checked her email for most of the class (3 hours - I feel bad - but she wanted to come) and was very patient. I got an approval for a "Drink Bar" Restaurant Menu that I will be creating for this class. I'm very excited to start working on it.

I didn't miss much but a workshop period in my morning class this morning - I am actually kind of very happy that I got to sleep in today. I feel a little bit better that I got to sleep in.

After class we headed to this store that Daphne wanted to go check out. We parked and then realized that at the pay machine there was 2.50$ sitting in the return change slot - so we got free parking. Daphne wanted to check out Lalique - as Montreal is the ONLY North American Retailer. Turns out that we're about the same price as Brazil to buy these crystal jewelry items. A gorgeous pair of earrings that I saw - 675$. Ouch. Gorgeous though. Clear crystal gorgeous. (Most precious crystal that exists in the world is what they sell) Actually I think those were Baccarat (or however you spell it).

After Lalique (which is located in Oglavy's), we went to Urban Outfitters. Everything there was over priced, even though I wanted to buy like everything.

Then we hit up Payless and I found 2 pairs of shoes. Actually a pair of shoes and a pair of boots. The boots were liquidated at 9$ and the shoes at 8$. However it was buy one get one free. In the end, it was 9$ + 4$ = 13$ plus applicated Quebec Sales Taxes. GOOD DEAL! I am loving it! (Both pink - the shoes and the boots!)

Then we headed to the mall near my school - I wanted to take her to Le Garage and then to a fave jewelry store of mine. Where I bought a necklace and Daphne got earrings.

Then home. We chilled. Ate dinner. I took Tylenol for a headache and felt better after eating food. My blood sugar level was low from dehydration and low food intake today. I was a little nauseas, but that soon cleared.

Since my friends was having a Speed Dating Event - we went to check it out - since Daphne wanted to see what it was all about (she'd never heard about it before) and so we got dressed up and went. Well - let me tell you it wasn't what I thought it would be. My friend couldn't even talk to me, since she was in the middle of trying to get a date herself, and told me that she didn't have the money for me for the freelance work I did - that it would be mailed to me.

Daphne and I decided to walk around a little downtown first, but it started getting a little cold. We ended up inside this fancy looking Jean Coutu - and bought more Jewerly - all earrings on sale!

We just got in. I made chocolate chip muffins (hubby requested) and now I'm going to go crochet and maybe watch an episode or two of LOST.... since Daphne's writing in her journal, and doesn't mind that I watch some TV where she's sleeping! Tomorrow I'm picking up her boyfriend at the airport at 9:30 am, he arrives from Rio de Janeiro. Saturday they're off to Quebec City, which is good by me because I am in need of my space back and also I'm dying to go to the gym.

Tomorrow I'm playing tour guide around Montreal - not really in the mood to do so - but whatever! I'll survive! I'll get through it.

This is a picture of Daphne & I from this evening just after storming out of the Speed Dating event.

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