Sunday, February 05, 2006

Self Portrait

I slept in today until about 10:30 am, when I got up and started doing things. Neglecting laundry until halfway through the afternoon - I got about 3 loads of laundry accomplished (thank goodness!) There's just my light loads to do tomorrow - they can wait. Jamie was asking for more dark tshirts - they seemed to be all in the wash.

I did also manage to clean my bathroom. I got motivated to give a good clean in there. I cleaned the toilet, the tub, the sink and the floors. Maybe tomorrow I will wash the walls in the tub - was going to do that tonight too - but decided I should sit down and start my homework (due tomorrow).

I will be getting my new camera in the mail tomorrow - SO EXCITED. It was overnighted to me on Friday night, and I am hoping that I will get it in the morning before I head to class.

This is my self-portrait that I came up with today, for my project that is due tomorrow. There were three parts to this assignment. The first part - we had to make a coin with an image of how we feel about the Canadian Economy. The second part was a self portrait without using our picture. I am so sure the teacher will be able to tell it's my selfportrait by just looking at it. I hope she likes my collage - I'm very happy with it. The third part - which I am stuck on right now, is creating a picture of something we are used to seeing in one context and putting it in a different context. I am just NOT sure what to do for it. It's not due until noon tomorrow - so I have time tomorrow morning to finish it if I don't come up with anything at all tonight. But I am seriously hoping to finish this before going to bed. The example the teacher gave us - is taking a stop sign off the street and putting it in the sky (for airplanes). Why can't I think of anything that clever? Geez! I really am stuck. I guess I'm having a creative block right now. All I want to do is crochet, or write, or do other things besides working on this third part of the assignment.

I am not that big of a football fan, so I didn't watch the superbowl this evening, actually I didn't watch ANY TV this evening. I actually was parked on my butt in fonrt of this computer and TRIED accomplishing this assignemtn I'm currently working on. 2/3 done - not too bad. Well, I better get working on the last part. As I said, I'd rather have it done tonight, than wake up worried about it tomorrow. Goodnight.

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