Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Got up early today as I had my usual 8 am class. Had a quiz (exam) this morning worht only 5% of my final grade, and my end result was 3%/5%. Not bad. Not the greatest though. I blanked a little on it - it was a quiz on MAC Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts. MAC! I'm a PC user at home, and well MAC at school sometimes confuses me. Oh well. It's only 5% of my final mark, and I'm satisfied with my 3% out of 5%.

Laura treated me to lunch today, as she owed me lunch from the last time we went out and I paid. We went for Greek food and it was delicious. After lunch I got some scrapbooking goodies at this store across the street from the restaurant and then ran back to school (a little late).

In our afternoon HTML class, we worked on slicing images again - and we also learned that my teacher will be at a conference all week next week - so we have no class next Tuesday afternoon. That works out well for me, seeing as though, I have Daphne from Brazil coming in Monday at 5pm via Toronto (where she has been for the past week and a bit until she arrives chez moi). We were supposed to have a quiz in HTML - which was postponned from last week - but he forgot - oh well. I don't mind! I handed in my HTML CV project, and I am sure I will be getting a nice 10/10 on it - not to be cocky or anything!

Did groceries on my way home from school for dinner tonight - Jamie asked me to pick up the ingredients for the stir fry he made me for dinner tonight. Got home, realized I forgot to pick up the chicken for the sirt fry, so I went back out and picked up meat.

Jamie cooked me dinner. How sweet of him. He even got me a card - the first card he gave me that had the word WIFE on it :) I love it. This is our first holiday since being married that he was able to get a card with the word WIFE. I love it. I think I'll get used to this! I didn't get him a husband card - they were too cheesy, I actually got him a funny love card instead of a cheesy v-day husband card. :) Gotta love shoebox. For his 30th birthday back in December I got him a cheesy card "TO MY HUSBAND" lol... got my kicks then!

I ate dinner, shared a bottle of wine with Jamie, watched American Idol, then crawled into bed for a massage. Jamie decided to go to bed (as he has work tomorrow) - I came here into my office and worked on the files for this flyer for a speed dating event next week being held in Montreal.

I am sooo happy that I can sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning. I love having Wednesdays off!

Hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's day - whether extravagant or not!

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