Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cleaned My Blinds - FINALLY!

I finally got my last postcard in the mail today from My Little Mochi's Postcard Swap. This one was from Abby in MA, USA.

I made a batch of meat sauce today (wanted to make a lasagna, but realized that I didn't have any lasagna noodles (will have to pick up) and I sat down and watched the movie Elizabethtown while cleaning my kitchen blinds, which I've been putting off since we moved in last May. So happy I finally did it - but it took me 2 and a half hours. (The movies was only about 2 hours long). Cute movie - not the greatest. A friend of mine told me that I have to watch it for the music and for the amazing scrapbook that the main character puts together. However, I was a tad disappointed with the scrapbook in the movie - it wasn't that great. It was made to be better than it actually was. Bah.

After Jamie was done at the gym, we went straight to the west island to my Aunt's house for the shiva. We stayed there for about an hour - saying hello and talking to people. It was good to see a bunch of people that I hadn't seen in a while. I found out my cousin Phil and his wife Lisa are having a baby - I guess it's new, so she's probably only about 3 months pregnant (I didn't ask). Good for them. They got married in May of 2004.
Tonight Jamie & I discussed going to Boston the last weekend of March to visit my friend Sherrie (She'll be VERY happy about that) and I'm excited to meet friends from Philly out there as well - we're going to party all weekend, and we also agreed that we're going to make Las Vegas happen during my one week off in April - we'll go for a long weekend or something. I think 4 days in Vegas is enough! Maybe like a Wed night - Sunday or Thurs - Sunday.... or whatever! But I'm 10 airmiles away from 2 tickets - so I'm excited about that! I can't wait!

I am dying to watch In Her Shoes (But I promised my sister I'd watch it with her - but she's telling me it won't happen until after her midterms) and also the movie Just Like Heaven. Maybe I'll watch that one on Friday night. I don't know what's going on yet this weekend, but Friday night Jamie's having his regulars over for poker, I don't think I'm going to play - and Saturday night we're thinking about plans with our friends Michel & Louise - we haven't seen them in a while and Sunday I think I'm going to go over to my parents house - see the dog, and then go with my mom to serve dinner at my aunt's house (they're not allowed to serve themselves while sitting shiva - which ends on Monday at sundown - I believe). I haven't seen Bosco in a while - dying to take pictures with my new camera - and well - I want to see how big shithead has gotten!

Anyhow, I am zonked (got enough sleep last night but still not caught up on my lack of sleep!) going to go crawl into bed with Jamie.

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