Saturday, February 25, 2006

I Used Your Razor To Shave My Back

"I used your razor to shave my back."
This is what Marcelos said to me last night as we were standing in the hallway in my house before going to bed. Daphne & him were trying to figure out their plans for today, and I was getting annoyed. Marcelos thought this statement was funny, but I didn't unfortunately.
Who is this guy and why is he this retarded?
Here's how my day went by yesterday. 9:45 am we picked up Marcelos from the Montreal airport, and then we stopped at the Orange Julep so that they can try the orange juice there. They treated me to an orange juice. That was very nice of them. Then we headed back to my house, and Marcelos settled in while I cleaned my bathroom, emptied the garbages for Garbage day, and cleaned up my office a little bit. Then eventually we booked their hotel in Quebec City and then went out for lunch. I couldn't think of a single place to take them, so I just ended up going back to Tasty Foods (my personal favourite) for lunch. Something about Marcelos starting bothering me during lunch and just made me want to get away from him.
After lunch, I filled up on gas, and then drove up Mount Royal to the "look out" point. They got out of the car, took some pictures, and I sat in my car, until they were about done, and I got out to take a picture of the 2 of them with the view. Took a few pictures, and then we got back into the car and drove off. Next stop, I went to St. Joseph's Oratory (after getting lost a little - turned on the wrong street). Anyhow, we got there eventually, I took some pictures of them standing outside of the Oratory, and then they wanted to go in, so I sat in the car and wrote a letter to my friend Miriam in Toronto, just to have some alone time. I wish I had brought the blanket that I am currently crocheting, but I am glad I at least had paper and a pen to write a letter.
After the oratory we headed downtown, and sent them off on their way. They wanted to do a little bit of shopping in the mall I dropped them off at - and then I gave them directions downtown and my address so they can tell the cabby where to bring them back (I wasn't going back out again - call me a bitch if you want - but I just wasn't getting out of my pj's to go downtown). I spent the evening watching episodes of LOST on DVD. And doing stuff in my office which doubles as my craft room.
I was shocked that they stayed out as late as they did - but they said they got home early because it was cold out. They did end up taking a taxi back - even though I said that if they took the metro to the stop near my house I'd get them. I did my own thing while they TRIED figuring out where they were going today. Then before bed, we were talking in the hallway, and that's when Marcelos made his comment.
We talked a bit, then I went to bed.
This morning I slept in until their taxi driver rang my bell. I have no idea where they went, but I said polite goodbyes, Daphne reassured me that they had a good time and well, I hope they have a safe rest of their trip.
Well, back to LOST and I'm working on my blanket that I'm crocheting. Hoping to finish it tonight. Tomorrow I will do some homework, and my parents have invited us over for dinner (Jamie & I). Gotta marinate my chicken wings first, for dinner.

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