Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Seeing Old Friends

Class at 8 am was long, but I actually got a lot accomplished. I worked on the face assignment that we have just begun working on. Basically, we have to take a photograph of someone's face, I chose to work on my nephew's 2 year old face. (He's just a little older than 3 now). It's a fun project, but it's tedious.
In HTML class we did some re-cap on Adobe Image Ready, and worked with slices. We have an exam next week on basic HTML - I am not worried. I will go over my notes on Monday night and on Tuesday morning, but I am honestly not worried about this exam. Half is open book and half isn't. All good.
I ran home after school and took in the mail and picked up the things I needed to take with me to Deux-Montagnes (Lake of Two Mountains). I hopped back into my car and headed out there. It took me 3 highways and almost an hour in the car (including lots of traffic). I hate traffic.
I was a little nervous going into their place. I hadn't seen Zahava in years, and also, I hadn't seen Adam in months. (I saw him briefly when he passed by my house in August while I was having a garage sale. I felt bad I couldn't really talk to him as I was in the middle of dealing with a customer, but that was the last time I'd seen him).
It was not at all weird to see her. It was actually very good to see her. I wish I had seen her while she was pregnant, that would have been really cool. It would have been really neat to photograph. You know, I brought my camera this evening, didn't even use it once. I will have to go back and play paparazzi another time. It just wasn't in me to take pictures this evening. My main goal was to catch up with Zahava and with Adam too, once he got hom from work.
It was really good to see Zee (my nickname for her, as always) and hang out with her. I really hope that I didn't over stay my welcome or hope that I wasn't in the way. I did have supper there, and that was very nice for them to have me over, even if it was just leftovers (she wasn't going to cook after just coming home a few days earlier from the hospital with a newborn, you know?)
We talked like old times, and caught up on the most recent (and old) gossip if you want to call it that. Zee is very blunt, open and honest. I like her that way. I think that is why we get along so great. Except Zee voices it more than I do. Which is a-ok with me. I can't wait to have them over here at our place, they want to come see our house and meet Jamie. Adam's mother is staying with them right now to help out with the baby and apparently (according to Zee) is in the way and annoying, and cares more about the TV than helping out with the baby. Zee says that everything that Carin is doing, she could do 10 times faster, even though Zee shouldn't be lifting anything heavier than the baby (who is only 5 lbs and a couple of ounces - but growing!). Carin knows Jamie's family, as Carin's family had a country house on the same (small) lake that Jamie's family still have a country house on.
I ended up staying until just passed eleven p.m (held the baby a couple of times - and now I want one!!) and it took me faster to get home than it did to get out to where they live, as a) there was no traffic at all and b) I was confident as to where I was going, because on the ride there I was following directions as was unsure as to where I was going and how far. So much easier and faster when you know where you're going.
Well, I'm off to bed now. Lots going on tomorrow (plumber is coming, guy for my bathroom renovations is coming, 2pm apt at the gym with a trainer (he's going to kill me and all my muscles tomorrow!) and lots of other things to do (like homework and chores) before going to the knitting meetup with my cousin Jenn.

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