Wednesday, March 01, 2006


This morning the guy who will be renovating my bathroom woke me up earlier than he was expected. He was only expected by 9 am, and that's the time I had set my alarm for, but he was in and out before the clock even turned 8:45 am, so I did get a little bit of a head start on my day today.

I managed to accomplish A LOT of laundry today, however, even though I got my laundry folded, I didn't get a chance to put any of it away. That's a task for tomorrow after I get in from school. I have on my list of things to do: CLEAN OUT BEDROOM CLOSET (donate clothes I don't wear or don't fit - as there is too many articles invading my closet lately.
I spent a couple of hours (yeah, I kid you not) trying to figure out why Quark Xpress wouldn't install on my desktop. After a while I gave up and decided to try it out on my laptop just to see if the CD-Rom actually works, and it does, because it installed beautifully on my laptop. FUCK! So on the advice of my dad's technician (at my father's computer store company) I spent the ENTIRE evening backing up every single last file on my PC. While doing so, I used my laptop (which Jamie uses as his regular computer in our basement, as it's ten million times faster than his old laptop and since I don't use it daily, he has been borrowing it permanently). At least I had this as back up so I could work on my poster which has to be started by tomorrow. I came up with 4 different layout ideas, and we'll see where it takes me tomorrow after the teacher takes a look at it.
Quark was saying that a file couldn't be renamed during installation but would finalize installation as if it worked. Then you'd go to run the software and it would give a runtime error (which is a Windows Registry problem - needing my harddrive to be re-formatted and Windows re-installed).
Today I hate: Computers, Quark Xpress, Computers, Quark Xpress! I can keep repeating how I hate these - but I'm sure you catch my drift!
This afternoon I went to the gym for 2pm and had an hour work out with my trainer - Ryan. He also is training Jamie. He kicked the shit out of my today. I can barely walk down my stairs to the basement to collect the laundry. I am soooo sore, but that's a good thing, right? I feel confident about fitting back into a pair of jeans that I have yet to take the tags off (bought accidently in March of 2000 - 6 years ago!) and never were able to fit into them, as I bought the wrong size - but I am determined to get into them by my 25th birthday on June 16th, 2006. DETERMINED! This is going to be tough, but I think I can do it.
Plumber came after I got back from being out and there will be work to be done, next Wednesday. It's going to be 1 full day's of work (plumber's are expensive) but the work NEEDS to be done. MUST be done. Ugh.
My evening consisted of showering, making a small dinner for myself, cleaning up my PC and working on my project - oh and doing laundry. FUN FUN eh? I REALLY wanted to get over to the Montreal Knitting Meetup, but I just HAD to take care of my computer issues, and get my project done. Priority was that, unfortunately.
I am jonesing to knit/crochet/create. I haven't touched crochet in a couple of days and I'm dying to finish up my blanket.
I am definitely looking forward to the weekend at this rate! Friday night I'm crafting while Jamie plays poker, Saturday Jamie and I will pick out tiles for our bathroom and do house renovations that we can do ourselves (Jamie wants to install a shelf in the pantry in the kitchen) and Saturday night I'm babysitting so my parents can go out with their friends sans kids. Sunday sleep in and Sunday night family dinner at Jamie's grandmother's place. I swear, it'll be Monday before I know it!

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