Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Gin Mill

Today I'm in love with these notecards:

I got more knitting note cards - ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! The blue yarn shown here is Elite Classic yarn - in Fundy Bay Blue. I actually want some more - as one hank that I got (I already turned it into a cake via my ball winder) is not enough to make anything.

Today I spent some of the day working on my menu that is due tomorrow at 12:30pm. My menu that I created is for a drink bar - which I've called the Gin Mill - a small design that I found off the internet and then re-created in Adobe Illustrator. It's pretty cool the way it came out and I am very happy with the results. I did step out this afternoon to go pick up 11x17 paper so that I can print up my menu (it's document size is 9x14). I hope that my menu works out in the end, and is what my teacher is looking for. I will finalize the last finishing touches tomorrow morning, as I'm skipping my morning class (Bad girl, I know), so that I can finalize my menu, as I wanted to go to the Montreal Knitting Meetup tonight, instead of staying in and working on my menu.

Some of my postcards have been arriving at their destinations. This one was sent via Swap-bot for the Pass the Postcard Please swap:

I don't know why the postcard was ripped? Can't figure it out.

I met my cousin Jenn early at 2nd Cup near me for the Montreal Knits meetup tonight. We got there early to a) secure seats, and because b) the meeting doesn't start officially until 7pm, but Jenn gets off work at 6pm, and has time to kill, as it's way too far for her to go home and then come back, so I met her there early. Tonight was an "unofficial" meeting. We all assumed that there was one tonight, as there wasn't one last week. Well, March has 3 Wednesdays this year, and the knitting meeting is supposed to be the first and third Wednesday of every month, so next week is our "official" meeting. We actually had a very good turn out for a non-meeting. We had, Heather, Caroline, Emma, Angela, Jenn, myself, Mona, Christine, and Jennifer. 9 of us. It was fun. We talked, laughed, and even had this guy Daniel whom I've known since diapers ask me if I was pregnant because I was knitting. What? I don't have to be pregnant to knit. He asked me what baby accessory I was knitting so I told him I was working on a sweater for myself. He then asked how far I got into it - and then I told him that I was actually swatching for it - it went over his head.

I am going to get a good night's sleep (so happy I can sleep in tomorrow).

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