Friday, March 03, 2006

My Logo & Cool Finds

I found some cool letter stickers today:

Don't you just love these foam sticker letters? I do!
Came home, Jamie brought me lunch - what a nice husband, eh? I did a few things in my office and then we crawled into bed together and napped for a good hour and a half. We talked a bit, snoozed, talked a bit, napped more.. it was so nice. I love napping on a Friday afternoon. It's fantastic.
After getting up, my in-law's showed up and we had a fantastic roast beef dinner. Delicious!
This evening I worked a bit on my logo as a version of it is due on Monday. I can't believe that Monday wil be week 9 in school and this semester ends at week 15. Where did the semester go? Where did January & February go?

Above is my logo in different versions, to see how they'd look. My teacher approved one, and I worked a bit more on fixing it. (Her elbow (bottom one) needed rounding and the camera needed a white line).

And this is my final version of my personal logo. I need to create stationary, business cards and envelopes for my Visual Communications class. Let me tell you - it was VERY hard trying to figure out what to come up with for my own personal stationary. What do you think of it?

I did some laundry tonight and I'm about to go crawl into bed and watch some episodes of LOST. Things that I wanted to get accomplished tonight didn't - but I am glad that I finished working on my logo - it's partially due Monday. So many things to do this weekend!

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