Thursday, March 02, 2006

Body in Pain

Another long day today. I got up later than I usually do on Thursday. I set my alarm for 6:30 am, but only got out of bed closer to 7 am. I usually am out of the door by 7:10 am, so today I left closer to 7:20 am. Funny thing is - I got to my parking spot around the same time and was still extremely early getting to school. I still had plenty of time to sit comfortably and crochet for a good while before the teacher even came and opened the door. I managed to crochet an entire 2 and half rows in the blanket today. 1 row is 138 double crochet stitches. So I roughly did about 345 stitches today. Only about 2 and half more rows (which is all the ball of yarn will maybe even give me) and I will be done the blanket. WOO HOO! Very excited to finally be finished it, so I can finish up on some other projects and get started on new ones! WOOHOO! I've been knitting more lately too - which is good... working on a secret project for my personal swap with Cynthia in Vancouver. My sister wants to do a swap with me, but for her I will make it less crafty, as my sister is not so crafty, and would love a swap of other stuff. I have to start that one after I finish up with Cynthia's swap package.
I really want to get all my crocheting done tonight on the blanket. Probably while Jamie & I are watching TV. I just finished working on my Illustrator project that was due last Friday (but I didn't go to class) so it's ready for tomorrow. I had already finished it, but I wanted to fine tune it before burning it on CD-Rom to hand in. I also need to print it out, but I will do that once I get my computer back tonight when Jamie gets in from work. I am on my laptop right now (which Jamie uses in his office as his computer - I'm a nice wife - I let him use it).

The other night at Adam & Zee's I got LOST Season 2 Episodes 1-9 on DVD that Adam had downloaded, so I'm watching it right now on my little personal DVD player. Trying to catch up so I am up to date by next week when it's on NBC.

I didn't get any regular mail today, my mailbox was completely empty, but I got a ring on my doorbell just before and I received my I CROCHET sweatshirt and tshirt. The sweatershirt fits beautifully and I have yet to try on the tshirt. I will later, right now I can't move at all, Ryan my gym trainer worked the shit out of me yesterday and now I can't walk properly and I'm in pain. And yet, I am going to do a second session with him tomorrow, at 5pm, for my upper body (yesterday was lower body). I really hope that I can function on the weekend after tomorrow's session. And also, I really hope that this training session works, as I would like to fit back into a pair of pants that I have that still have the tag on them, but don't fit into currently - by my birthday. That is my goal. I KNOW I can do it! I know I can.

It's cold down here in Jamie's office, I think I am going to go upstairs shortly, and start preparing dinner. (That's if I can get up the stairs from the basement!)

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