Thursday, March 09, 2006

Knitting Things

Class this morning was a drag, but I got back my project that was submitted over a month ago (teacher has been terrible at returning projects). I got a 13.5/15 (on my coin, self portrait without using our picture & my sheep knitting itself into a sock). Pretty happy with that mark - I lost some points because one of my files was in RGB but should have been in CMYK - which I swore it was - but for 1 point I am not going to argue it - as I burned the wrong copy of the file onto my cd - and for 1 point - I'm just not going to care. It's not worth arguing over.

This afternoon I got an itch to go check out Value Village for yarn. Boy did I score (I think). I got yarn and knitting needles (for an excellent price might I add).
And then there's the knitting needles story... Went to the cash with 3 packages of needles (assorted in each). (I am glad that I bought all 3 bags though, because there were some needles that the matching one was thrown into the other bag - so I would have been stuck with just one needle! What the heck?) Anyhow, 3 bags at 4.99 each plus taxes does not equal 11.48$ (It's more like 17.21$). So I basically scored a free bag of knitting needles. I went through the 3 bags tonight, matched up sizes (all the DPN's I had to size first with my gauge detector thingy) and here's what I ended up with - (DPN's and full sets of needles only {there was a bunch of needles that did not have it's matching pair}

So tonight I decided to start working on my socks even more. Little did I realize that 2 of the rows I started with the wrong stitching (knit or purl) so 2 of the sides (2 DPN's came out fine with knit 2, purl 2, knit 2, purl 2 (etc) and the other 2 sides ended up shorter because it ended up as garter ridges. FUCK! I am so upset. (See picture below)

The garter ridges made one half hte sock shorter because that's how garter ridging works.... So me, being a perfectionist and since it's ONLY 4 rows, I will be frogging it and starting over in a few minutes infront of the TV. If I was further down the sock I probably wouldn't have restarted - and as my cousin Jenn says, that most knitters like to have 1 mistake in their sock for some reason or another that I can't understand - but it's only 4 rows in - and it's bothering me! I also don't want half the sock to curl in because of the messed up ribbing.

Alrighty - back to knitting. (I have an assignment due in my Adobe Illustrator class tomorrow morning, but it's due at the END of the class - so I will finish it in class - as I am NOT in the mood to do homework today (but must do homework over the weekend at some point - as I have a few projects due next week!)

Jamie's out playing poker downtown, so I'm off to knit!

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