Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Missing Bottle of Easy-Off

Plumbers woke me up VERY early this morning and started working in my kitchen as well as in the kitchen upstairs to move the pipes the run along from my garage right through my kitchen right to upstairs. Somewhere between my kitchen and upstairs the pipes were freezing and my tenants were out of water in their kitchen for a while. Anyhow, while moving stuff, my plumber's found my missing bottle of Easy-Off. I knew I couldn't have thrown it out or anything - and was going crazy looking for it. I couldn't find it - so I went out and bought another bottle. The original bottle was found behind my breadmaker - which I am moving downstairs on the shelf next to my fondu pot and electric wok - as I don't use them regularly and they honesly take up space.

I am so happy this bottle of easy-off was found. It's amazing what you find when cleaning up. I am not really happy with the mess that the plumbers have made in my kitchen - but what can you do? You know?

I started on my house spring cleaning today - and I am getting A LOT accomplished and I am very happy about that. I do not want to go out tonight without finishing, but I have a lot more to do in order to get to my 7 pm knitting meet up - that I want to go to. It's just after 3 pm now and I want to finish cleaning up - and I guess I won't have time to go to the gym before the knitting meet up.

There are things that I want to organize - but not too sure what to do with them. I have clothes that need to be folded and put away (been doing laundry as well). I WANTED to get to the gym today, but it seems as though I will only get to the gym tomorrow - I don't have a choice. The painter is not back yet and I do not want to leave him alone in my house to do work with me not here. Plus when he actually gets back here I don't think he'll be too long.

I should kick my ass and get back to spring cleaning. I can't wait to go to the knitting meet up tonight and just relax! I am in need of that. I am also very happy that I don't have my afternoon class tomorrow - so I can come home and finish my clean-up. Jamie's playing poker tomorrow night with some guys so he won't be home. I was debating staying at school tomorrow to work on some stuff with Laura - but I have a computer at home and I really don't feel like staying tomorrow. I am going to cancel on her.

I think I will *TRY* to do my ab routine workout - if I can't get to the gym today, it's a routine that I can do at home or at the gym. I keep putting it in my head that I WILL fit into those jeans by my birthday. I WILL.

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