Sunday, March 19, 2006

Aggrevated Day

Today I am just aggrevated. I got woken up earlier than I wanted because Jamie thought it would be funny to have my nephew Merlyn jump on my bed to wake me and then jump on me. Not funny. I am not laughing. I finally went back to bed for a little bit, but it wasn't that great of a sleep and I am just annoyed at everything today.

Since Lainie let me know that she received my stitch markers from the swap she held, I am posting all the stitch markers I made, because none of the other people read my blog, so here they are:

These word stitch markers were sent to Lainie (the last one even has her nickname on them - "Lain") Aren't they beautiful? I am glad she loved them!

These green ones were sent to a knitter name Miriam.

These animal stitch markers were sent to a knitter named Angie.

The button stitch markers were sent to a knitter name Kimberly.

And then I was an angel for a knitter named Angel, I just just sent those out, so I am hoping she gets them soon! (The original person she was supposed to receive from got into a car accident or something and couldn't fulfill her duties on the swap).

I mailed off my 10 postcards for the postcard swap today. Here's a picture of the 10 I sent off!

I only had 9 Superhero ones, so 1 of them was a travel postcard (bus depot) photography one that I had from another set. Oh well. I think they're pretty cool these postcards. 3 are going to Canada, 1 to England, 1 to Australia and the rest to the USA. I can't wait to see what kind of postcards I get back in the mail!
I put a pot of sauce on the stove to cook and I am making it with Tofu today instead of meat. I want to see how it will come out - and it'll be a little bit of a change than from meat sauce, which is all we've been eating. Time for some variety - right? I hope the sauce will be good for some meals and lunches this week - I hope the tofu idea works out! I will let you know how it turns out in the end.
I am trying to do homework - but it's just not working. I can't find in my notes what I KNOW I wrote.... and I am just very FRUSTRATED. That doesn't help either. We have to be 7 pm at dinner for my dad's birthday (which was March 8th) and we're going to a restaurant not too far from my place, maybe an 8 minute drive. Afterwards, I'm coming back home and I don't plan on doing any homework, I just don't care anymore. I'll finish up tomorrow, I have nothing due tomorrow. Tomorrow, I am also back at the gym, fresh start with that too.

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