Thursday, March 23, 2006


Everything today has been frustrating. All I want to say, because I don't feel like reliving it - is that I butchered my nice prints that I had to hand in today, when trying to mount and cut them. What a horrible experience. I am very dissapointed in myself for the job I did - but hey, what can you do - it's too late now.

All day, every project that I seemed to be working on was working in Quark Xpress. Well - I HATE Quark right now, with a passion. It just wouldn't obey. Missing fonts, not being able to change opacities... argh - my worse nightmare. I was soooooooooo glad to get my butt back home this afternoon after class. I have A LOT due next week, but I will be dealing with that all NEXT WEEK. I am right now claiming that this weekend will be a NO HOMEWORK weekend (aren't they all?) and will not do a stitch of homework, nor will I bring a stitch of homework with me at all.

I thought I'd fall asleep this afternoon upon getting home, I did only get about 4.5 hours of sleep last night, due to my huge ass project due this morning (a poster, magazine ad, magazine back and front cover, and an invitation all to whatever exhibit we wanted to create on any artist). Because of the colours and mediums she works with - I chose to do it on Sabrina Ward Harrison, even though when I met her the summer before last, she left a really bad taste in my mouth from meeting her. I still like her art though.

Anyhow, I came home, plopped myself on the couch, watched the movie In Her Shoes (very cute - but the first hour is very slow) and I love Mark Feuerstein who played a lead role, I used to love him as Jake Silver on Good morning, Miami. And I just saw the he played in other stuff that I love him in as well! What a hottie!

While watching the movie, I worked on my kittyville hat. Here's the progress.

I made a small error for about 2-3 rows, I added a stitch, but that's okay - you don't really see it. Only I really know it's there, and it bugs the hell out of me, because well, I'm a perfectionist, but anyhow... what can I do? It's there, and I'm not frogging a couple of rows, nor the whole hat. No way. It's a black hat, and hopefully no one else will notice it. Plus, it's where needles 1 & 4 meet up - and there is already something weird going on - because it's the end of the row, and during the seed stitch, because it was even amount it went purl purl, or knit knit depending on what row... if you follow what I mean.
This evening I passed out watching the hockey game on my couch (Jamie fell asleep too) and we won though - kicked Toronto's ass 5-1. Nice! We're fighting for 8th spot for the playoffs... we can do it. Let's kick Toronto's butt again on Saturday night's game.
Alright, I'm off to bed. Big day tomorrow! Can't wait!

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