Friday, March 17, 2006

Sick Day.

I left class early today as I was not feeling well whatsoever. I had a headache and I was cold, and my stomach was upset. Just all around not feeling too good. We did get our final project in that class I was in - I can't believe it's already that time - final project handout time! Ahhhh! Where did the semester go? I think I will be okay. But time flies.

After leaving school I stopped by a few stores to see if I could find a certain length circular needle but indeed not. Oh well. I want to make the kitty hat. It requires 16" 7US circulars, which is 4.5mm metric. I have 5mm 16" but the circular part of the needle is thicker than all the other circs I own and it's VERY hard to knit with. So - either I do the magic loop trick with longer inch circs or I wait until I find the proper size. I checked out Walmart in LaSalle as well as Zellers in LaSalle and Jeanette's near me. (Jeanettes I didn't know sells yarn and needles- but someone mentioned it to me the other day so I went into to check and they do! But not a lot - just a small section. And a LOT of Paton's yarn - I was going to link Jeanette's address info but apparently I must be spelling it wrong, because I can't find the number in the phone book online. Maybe it's in my yellowpages book?). I was going to check the Walmart around the corner from me but didnt have the time - I wasn't feeling good and had to come home.

I chilled at home all afternoon and then went grocery shopping for a few items once Jamie's sister Andrea got here with Merlyn (my nephew). Andrea wanted to cook us dinner, but I helped out. We made salmon, with a cauliflower sidedish (topped with cheese and other stuff) and some rice. Dinner looked good, but I started feeling really nauseas.

After dinner I laid down for a bit, tried to knit - but didn't get very far. I wasn't feeling good still, had a bit of fever, so I will go into bed now, watch some TV and hopefully get a good night's sleep. Jamie has some people over for our usual Friday night poker game.

Daniel and Merlyn playing my guitar. Merlyn was "helping" Daniel play.

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