Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kittyville Hat

Classes today were honestly a waste of time. I could have sat at home and picked out a website for the project that we're doing in photoshop, didn't have to be sitting in class to do that, I could have easily of done that from home. This is the site I chose to base my final project on.

My afternoon web class was a waste of my time, and I napped during a lecture he was giving using the projector, so the lights were out, and I crashed... lol... I was tired.

Ran home, baked muffins for Angela (blueberry muffins - mmmm!) and cleaned up my kitchen, did garbages (garbage day today) and loaded up my dishwasher to do a load, I threw in laundry and took a quick shower, then went to meet Angela. I mailed a few things at the post office, and then came home and hung out with Angela all evening.

This is the start of my Kittyville hat. I worked more on it today (started it last night) and during the movie Prime, which I watched with Angela, who came over to my house tonight , instead of us going to 2nd Cup since no one else wanted to come knitting with us. Prime was really cute, I enjoyed it. Angela notcied I had Legally Blonde, and never had seen the 2nd movie, so I gave her my copies... I don't think I'll ever watch it again - and I'm all about spring cleaning right now, and I probably should go through more of my movies and see what I don't want anymore. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow (amongst all the homework I HAVE to do tomorrow).

Time for bed. A LOT OF HOMEWORK catching up to do tomorrow.

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