Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why Do Men Hate Waiting?

Today we got up around 10 am, and started slowly getting ready to leave to come home. We finally left (after saying all our goodbyes) around 11am. I stopped off for a bagel (whole wheat of course) and then headed on the road. Had I known that this bagel would be all I'd be eating until dinner once we got home from the USA - then I would have maybe gotten 2!

I drove the first bit - all the way until we hit Vermont. (I drove MA, NH and then just a little past the VT border). We stopped at the Sharon Rest Area, to go use the washroom and then I asked Jamie to drive (I'd already driven almost 2.5 hours) and my eyes were drawing tired.

I wrote a bit in my journal while Jamie drove, and then we finally hit Burlington, Vermont, and I wanted to get off at the exit for Route 2, and Jamie thought we had passed it already, and got all angry, and then I was angry, because he said he wasn't turning back, and that I should have mapquested it (I only printed up the map for Michael's off their site) and well, luckily, we hadn't passed it - and I quickly got to run into Michael's to look for a few things, (Found the main thing I was looking for, but nothing else). However, Jamie was impatiently waiting in the car and I literally had to RUN throughout the store. What is it with men and them hating to wait for ANYTHING a woman wants to do? Especially if it involves a store of some sort to shop in.

Jamie drove the rest of the way home, and was very impatient to get home. He also didn't want to stop anywhere for lunch even, and since Burlington is only about 2 hours from Montreal - I didn't care.

There was no wait at the border really, besides a few cars, and of course we chose the slowest line. The border patrol woman was very nice, and let us through no problems at all.

Glad to be home. Here's my progress of my kittyville hat - I worked on it in the car once we left Burlington.

I am VERY impressed with her progress (Not sure if I'm going to do the kitty ears though - I may just want it plain). Time for Sopranos. More later.

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