Saturday, March 18, 2006

I Don't Do Nail Polish

I usually don't DO nail polish. I hate it. I can't apply it properly and it sucks. And it chips easily and it doesn't look nice at that point and then when you try to take it off, it doesn't 100% come off, so I usually say "to the heck with it" and don't wear any. But I had fallen in love with this colour at the pharmacy, so I bought it one night. (Don't ask me what I was doing in the cosmetics section, because I don't wear makeup - so I have no idea what I was looking in that section for).

But today, out of no where, I decided I want to put on nailpolish. I have a party tonight, for 3 people in Jamie's family turning 40. His step-sister Karen, her husband Mark and Jamie's step-cousin Valerie. (Val turned 40 on February 18th, Mark turns 40 on March 26th and Karen turns 40 on April 15th). So tonight's the party. For some odd reason I tried on a skirt that I have never worn yet (got it in two colours, black and turquoise for 5$ a piece at the end of fall for this upcoming summer) and I don't even know what possessed me to buy them, as I don't normally "do" skirts either. (Nor dresses - besides my wedding dress I wore on my wedding night, I hate dresses!) Maybe it's because I hate my legs. Anyhow. So I applied Lycra's Colour #381 Russet Flame. I did AN EXCELLENT JOB on my left hand (picture above) seeing as though I'm a righty and did a shit job on my right hand, cuz I can't paint with my left hand. I think I fixed it up okay, but once my sister-in-law gets back shortly from visiting family with my nephew, then she said she'll take a look and see if she can fix it up even more.

I caught Zeus just before sitting like a turtle in the corner of my office. He always likes to be in the room that I am in. He follows me around. I give him attention. Maybe that's why he likes me. He's still a scardy cat. If you walk near him, he jumps up and moves, afraid that you will step on him or something. I don't get it. I don't know what his previous owner did to him (Jamie's good friend Marc) but he's scared shitless most of the time. I thought the legs tucked under in this weird way made him look like a turtle, so I had to photograph him.
I am wearing all black tonight, but I'm adding colour by wearing a funky new necklace I got the other day. I will get Jamie to photograph me later and post a pic! I need to pick out what earrings I will wear tonight.

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