Sunday, March 05, 2006

Spring Cleaning Somewhat Accomplished

Last night I baby-sat Lucas & Vanessa. They are the easiest two kids in the world (my father's best friend's kids). We played with my camera a lot during the evening taking over 120 pictures and the kids made faces and wore funny hats and sunglasses and made me laugh, which made them laugh. We attempted to play Monopoly, but because Vanessa is only just turned 4 years old, she wasn't into playing Monopoly as she really didn't understand it - and so she was restless. We compromised and let Lucas watch the hockey game (Montreal Canadiens kicked ass last night beating Tampa Bay Lightning 6-2). Then we put in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (I LOVE THIS MOVIE) and I worked on a crochet project (which I'm almost done - finally) Speaking of crochet projects - here is the baby blanket I just finished and finally photographed.

I do have so many other projects that I've finished and photographed but I can't really post any of those on here yet, due to the recipients not receiving them yet!
This morning Jamie & I went out for breakfast (as he won in poker on Friday night) and then we headed out to Reno Depot to pick out tiles for our bathroom floor. I picked a white tile with a light cream design flowing through the tile. I will take pictures once the new floor has been laid down. I picked up some storage stuff while there, and jumped into cleaning up as soon as we got home. I had an idea for a piece I had in the bathroom to use in my office for storage, so I replace it with someone else a little different and put the piece in to my office closet and everything is working out for the best now! I cleaned up a bunch of stuff that I didn't need, found some stuff that I didn't realize I even had, and even though my office need more work, I got A LOT accomplished today and I am very happy/proud about it!
Speaking of organization - I finally photographed the earring displays (2 of them as I have SO many pairs of earrings) and also my bracelet display organizer. They are finally on my dresser in the bedroom and it's nice and organized (I love them & I love the organization!)

Above is the 2 clear earring display units - next to each other. Each is supposed to hold 210 pairs, but since most of my earrings are danglies - I can't use the bottom rows as the earrings won't fit. Also, some earrings are wide, and they take up the space of 2 pairs. So there is not quite 210 pairs in each - but they both are full!

I absolutely love my bracelet display holder. It's absolutely gorgeous. Well worth the money I spent on it on ebay. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something similar. I have bracelets on both sides, one side is obviously hidden.
This evening we went to visit Jamie's grandmother and cousins, Aunt & Uncle (whom all live together). We got fed chicken soup and perogies (Jamie's Aunt is an excellent cook) and that was dinner for us. Jamie brought his little cousin a ton of old hockey cards to play with (he was very happy and excited about that) and I brought Jamie's cousin Andra some jewelry (3 necklaces) that I didn't want anymore.

I am off to bed to go watch LOST. Need to get up early and shower before the guy shows up to start renovating our bathroom!

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