Saturday, March 11, 2006

{My First Sock} : Sock Progress

At Walmart today I needed toilet paper and a specific colour yarn that my mother in law was using that I feel in love with. They had two balls left and it was an exact match (I had a strand from my mother in law to match & compare). While in Walmart - of course I spent more money. Hubby wanted nibs and regular licorice, and some other items, I also fell in love with a fabric (PINK!) that was on sale - so I bought 10m of it! (I HAVE A LOT and MUST pull out my sewing machine now to use!!) What else... bought enough toilet paper to last me until Thanksgiving (that's for sure). I posted a while ago about owning a lot of toilet paper. See November 21st, 2005. That toilet paper has lasted me until now (I still have 6 rolls left). But I knew I'd need soon, and got a FANTASTIC price on toilet paper - so I bought 4 packages of 24 rolls of toilet paper today - and currently have 96 rolls - which should last me at least 6-8 months! (We're only 2 people!). But toilet paper is one thing I hate shopping for - so I stock up when there is a good deal. I spent less on 24 rolls of t.p. at Walmart - than 12 rolls costs on sale at my local pharmacy. Weird? Sometime this week will be the week to pull out my sewing machine and start crafting. I really want to learn how to use my machine! Dying to learn. (Need lessons maybe?)

I must kick my ass and get to the gym. I must go to the gym. MUST!

I have frogged the sock like 5 times between Wednesday and last night. When I went to bed last night, I finally had a few rows of ribbing done.

What do you think? This is my FIRST sock! With Vintage Yarn!

MY SNB Happy Hooker book is somewhere in transit to me. I was emailed on Thursday night that it was shipped, should have received it on Friday. I'm crossing my fingers it will come first thing Monday morning with my mail before I leave to school.

I am debating ordering these 2 patterns. I'd really like to make either or both (probably in black so it matches more and probably with long sleeves (for the first one) - as this in short sleeves would probably look bad on me).

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