Saturday, March 25, 2006

Downtown Boston

Today we slept in a little bit and then Sherrie went to go pick up bagels for us at a local bagel shop. That was super sweet of her. She even picked up whole wheat bagels for Lauren & I (Lauren is trying to lose weight as well).

Eventually I ran out with Sherrie to the post office, to stand it the longest line I've ever seen - so that I can mail my Geography Package to Lainie in California. I can't wait for her to get it - I hope she likes it. I FORGOT to take a picture of it before mailing it - so I will wait for Lainie to take care of that for me! (Sorry Lainie - counting on you for pictures). I didn't have time before leaving for Boston, and it was packaged and ready to ship before departing my house.

We picked came back and ended up watching an episode of Big Love - the new HBO show about Mormons and polygamists. I am a huge Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloƫ Sevigny and even Ginnifer Goodwin fan. I was a huge fan of Ginnifer Goodwin in ED on NBC when it aired as well as her role in Mona Lisa Smile.

Eventually we made it Downtown, and walked around, saw some sites, check out my FLICKR account for more pictures, but this is the most interesting thing we saw Downtown Boston:

Girls walking around with balloons in their hair? Will they fly away?

Here is a close-up of the girls with the balloons attached to their hair.
WTF? I'd like to know what they were thinking!

We walked around, stopped for some beers, did a little bit of shopping (I got a purse and a pair of PJ pants (with Cherries on them - I love cherries!) at Filene's Basement (some liquidation store - they say they're "Not" affiliated with Filene's department store in anyway).
Then we went for some pre-game beers and appetizers at O'Reilly's bar next to the Boston Garden where the hockey game was being held.
This was our gang - left to right - Brad, Sherrie, myself, Jamie, Lauren & Seth.

After O'Reilly's - which Sherrie snuck in and picked up the tab - what is with these people! (Brad yet again picked up the tab at the afternoon bar we were at), and Sherrie kept bringing me beers - it was fun - but I hadn't had this much beer in AGES (I'm not usually a beer drinker - but hey - I am on vacation! Sort of!)
Upon entering the game, we were told no plastic bags allowed. Brad had purchased something from Urban Outfitters and another 2 shirts from Filene's Basement - he actually went in while Jamie & Seth stood outside pissed off that the women wanted to go shopping - ugh - men! Anyhow, so somehow it ended up being me - who was putting the tshirts into my new purse, with all my stuff inside, and well, as I was going to close the bag - the zipper popped right off.
BOY WAS I MAD. And then Sherrie kept telling me that she'd take care of the purse (I'm going to see if I can take it to get fixed back home - it's just a zipper - how much could it cost to get fixed?)
MY NEW PURSE! Broken! ON THE FIRST DAY of using it - not even 2 hours after buying it! Wow. Mad! FUMING! Furious! Frustrating. What a bitch!
Just my luck.
Always bad luck.
This kind of thing ALWAYS happens to me. WHY??
And it's such a nice bag. 90$ knocked down to 59.99$ knocked down to 44.99$ - so not a cheap purse. Well, I don't think so anyhow. It better not cost much to change the zipper. I wonder if I can fix it myself?
Sherrie kept bringing me beer after beer during the game, boy, I haven't had beer like this in a long time. The beer helped me not be so mad about my purse. Really - how sad is that?
Boston game was kinda boring, even though they won 5-4 against the Sabres. Jamie & I kept checking the Montreal vs. Toronto score, we won 5-1. And Lauren kept checking the Philly vs. Ottawa score - they won 6-1 ( and Ottawa is in number 1 position).
After the game we went to Boston Legal for every kind of seafood you can image. I ate lobster, muscles, shrimp, etc... (except for Oysters - not into Oysters) and I tried something else- but I can't recall what it's called now. I did NOT drink any more after getting to the restaurant. Seth and I decided to split the bill seeing as though Brad & Sherrie have been so kind as to pick up every other single tab in the last day and a half - and the bill was 194$ WOW! So I gave Seth 100$. Wow. The Oysters alone were 45$. We also couldn't believe that the waitress added on an 18% tip to the bill. I didn't think it was legal with small parties. We were only 6 people. Oh and in Boston - seperate bills don't exist. The waiter/waitress will always bring 1 bill to the table. It does suck in a case where you want to pay seperately.
I also paid for the taxi ride back to Sherrie's car - and as well the 10$ parking fee for the downtwon lot/garage - didn't think it was fair for Sherrie & Brad to keep paying for our stuff!
When it came to cars - Sherrie took Lauren & I, and Brad took the boys... can't fit 6 people into a 5 seater car (so we split up 3 and 3). I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy and relieved that Jamie got along REALLY well with Brad and Seth I knew they were cool from meeting at their wedding/our wedding last year).
I had a nice day today. I can't wait to get to Michael's tomorrow! I found one in Burlington on my way home from Boston.

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