Monday, March 13, 2006

The Cookie Muffins

Slept in today a little longer than I wanted to - was hoping to get woken up by the post lady delivering my Chapters order with Happy Hooker.

During my break at school (and partly during class time) I finished the heel on my sock! YEY - I am so proud of myself!

Ain't she a beauty? I love it! I love it! I love it! I can't believe she's starting to look like a sock!

This evening my cousin Jenn let me know about some knitting needle packages she saw at Village des Valeurs near her house/where my parents and siblings live. It was the same location as the knitting needles I scored the other day - however a lot of the needles I scored - didn't have the matching one. So I convinced my broteher to go pick them up for me, I'd write him a check and bake him muffins for doing me the favor. There were 3 pacakges of knitting needles at 4.99 a package - and hopefully I will complete my sets of needles between all the packages. I guess they just throw a handful of needles into a packages and price it at 4.99. In order to get full sets (matching needles) one would have to buy what they have in stock. Shitty deal- but whatever. So - I will get the needles tomorrow and tomorrow night I will have fun sorting them out. Hopefully there's some good stuff in that stash!
Speaking of those muffins - I had a really blonde momment tonight, and Jamie & I were peeing in our pants of laughter... for a good 10 minutes. I better share this story before people hear it form Jamie's point of view - lol...
So the other day I made muffins for Jamie. I photographed them before:

And after:

And they took a REALLY long time to cook. Longer than usual. Also - they didn't use the same ingredients than I sometimes use when making muffins from not-so-scratch (when I don't have time to make them from scratch). Those not-from-scratch take an egg, water and oil. Well I couldn't figure out - until tonight - why the muffin recipe called for BUTTER and a TINY bit of water. For the life of me - it didn't make sense.

TURNS OUT - when Jamie went to see what I had left in the pantry to make my brother as a THANK YOU for running to Village des Valeurs for me tonight - the muffin recipe I thought I had - WAS ACTUALLY A MIX TO MAKE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!

OH SHIT! I made muffins with cookie mix. And yet - they were edible. Took long to bake - but edible. Fluffy like muffins - not cookie-like. WEIRD!

.... Call me blonde. I was having a bad day. I HAD THOUGHT that I bought MUFFIN mix - and NOT chocolate chip cookie mix - as the packages LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME!
Well - on that note - I'm going to go to bed. I just finished my HTML project and it's time to get SOME sleep before having to wake up SUPER DUPER early. More tomorrow.

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