Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Face Project Progress

This morning I over-slept. I usually get up around 6:30 am to get to my 8 am class. I usually leave the house around 7:10pm and park by car by 7:20-7:25, as if I leave any later parking can be a hassle. I like to guarantee that I have a spot. Today I accidently slept in until a few minutes past 7 am (didn't even hear my alarm go off) but Jamie started nudging me around 7 am to go use the bathroom before he needed it. I sprinted up after realizing the time, and was out of the house by 7:33 am. I got to school around 7:45 am, and it took me a while to find parking, but I was in class by 8 am - ready - waiting.

This morning we worked on our face project. Here is my progress from the beginning today and for what I've accomplished:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Eventually it's going to look like the original face. (Apparently) I am still a little freaked out by this assignment, but apparently my teacher says my progress is coming along. Today I had to start burning & dodging in the shadows & highlights. HARD! Really. I am wondering how this project will turn out in the end!
The original picture:

My HTML exam was in 2 parts. First mulitple choice and worth only 5% of our final grade (I got 3.8/5 (really 11.5/15 brought down to 3.8/5). I got 2 mistakes for 2 questions on Dreamweaver as we only started dreamweaver last week and he DID NOT tell us that there was going to be any dreamweaver questions on an HTML exam - but I wasn't going to open my mouth for 2 questions, wasn't worth the breath, and then the second part of the exam, was on computer and we had to put together 2 pages in HTML coding - and I don't know my mark on that yet, but I am positive that I did well - as I breezed through it and it was sooo easy!
Laura came over this afternoon to do some homework with me, and then stayed for supper, which I made whole wheat pasta with Sun Dried Tomato sauce and homemade garlic bread (made the garlic butter myself too! fresh! Sooooo yummy!) We watched the Toronto Maple Leafs kick our butt tonight (SO SAD) but Huet goaltended EXTREMELY well tonight. I worked on my cream/grey crochet blanket a bit (VERY HAPPY WITH THE PROGRESS OF IT) and then Laura left.
Someone created an inpromptu knitting meetup tomorrow night, at the 2nd Cup near my house. I think I am going to go - seems like there will be a different crowd of knitters than whom usually go - I hope my cousin Jenn comes - I have something for her! A little present and I've been dying to give it to her. (I do need to go see her to get my glasses adjusted, but with the painter and plumber coming tomorrow - I have no idea how long they will be here - so maybe I'll go on the weekend to get them fixed. Saturday works for me - or even Friday afternoon - but I must go soon, my fave black pair of glasses keep sliding down my face when I look down - they are loose (probably from them getting bent when I watch TV and lie on them - or fall asleep in bed with them on - SHHH! Don't tell my Uncle!)

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