Monday, March 27, 2006

Vegas Baby, Here We Come!

I booked my airline tickets (for Jamie & I) as well as our hotel for our trip to Vegas next month. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to go. I've never been. I'm so excited to see all the lights and nightlife, and sightsee, see shows (free or not, whatever works) and see what else there is in the city. (I wonder how close there is a Target to the Strip - we're staying a quarter mile off the strip - or even a Michaels? LOL - gotta get my fix!) I can't believe I'm finally going to Las Vegas! I had enough airmiles for Jamie & I to go for free, all we had to do was pay the applicable taxes, which were sooo worth it. Wow - I'm going to Vegas. I even found a great cheap deal on a hotel. It's a quarter mile off the strip - but cheaper than staying on the strip.

Worked and accomplished a lot in class today, and my portfolio project got moved to next week being due, instead of at the end of today's class, it'll be for the beginning of class next Monday. Fine by me - because a) I forgot a CD-R to burn my files onto - and b) I really wanted to print it up in colour - and c) the b&w printer wasn't even working properly in class.

After class I came home and started cleaning up the house like crazy. I don't know whay got into me, but I even cleaned up a bit in the backyard! It was GORGEOUS outside today, wanted to take advantage of the weather.

I had to kick my self in the ass to get to the gym, but I did go! I am very proud of myself. I knew I had my face project to work on tonight, but I knew I had to get to the gym and blow off some steam. I felt GREAT afterwards, even though I was tired during my workout.

I got my ball winder in the mail today - here's my first cake! So exciting! I have sooo much to wind!

Finished during watching 24 on TV, my version of the kittyville hat (sans ears and flaps for my first one - just wanted a plain hat) and here's me modelling it:

My tenants called me while I was picking out broccoli in the grocery store to make along side fish for dinner. They will not be renewing their lease - so I need to find new tenants. WAS NOT expecting this. However, she said that her son will be going to University and they need to find a cheaper place, as Univeristy costs money. Right, I understand that. Ugh, I dreaded having to have this conversation with them - but I hope that we get lucky and find new tenants soon and fast and easy. One more stress on my shoulder.
Right now I am fighting the urge to eat junk. I just ate a pear and then a banana. But I'm still not satisfied. Still hungry. I think I'll pop some bread into the toaster. Don't know why I am so hungry, but I'm fighting it. Trying to fight it anyhow.
I ended up finishing my face project - but not 100% to my liking. It's due tomorrow - it doesn't have to be 100% finished, but it has to be started and certain details incorporated. This is what I ended up with - I can't for the life of me do mouths, and I doubt I'll ever do something like this again, seeing as though I didn't really enjoy this! So - here it is:

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