Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I Heart Yarn

Found this scarf this morning - kinda knew where it was - just didn't feel like getting it out - but it was a 50$ scarf. I got 1 skein as a gift a few years ago from a friend, but 1 skein didn't get me very far - so I went out and bought 3 more (and 10$ a skein!) and then needed 1 more, so this ended up costing me 40$ plus applicable taxes. Anyhow, I decided that this yarn will look nice now that I know how to knit - rather than in the knit stitch/garter ridge that I used for this scarf that I made e-ons ago! (The yarn is from my LYS on Rachel St. in Montreal).

Up close; Ain't it gorgeous?

I got this nice colour yarn today, I'm thinking maybe for a sweater?

I have decided that I am possibly going to make Rogue with it.
I hope that 10 skeins is enough. If not, I'll have to find more!

So here is a picture of my bathroom before any work was done on the floors. The ugly tiles {white and green} are the original tiles from the 1950's when the house was built) (And a picture of my "did-it-myself" stick-on-tile floor (with my nephew "reading" the sports section on the toilet while we babysat him last July) - it was the only picture I think I had of the blue/green stick on tiles for the floor. I laid them out when I moved in last year.

(May) they were nice for about 2-3 months then they just started getting gross, and corners started peeling - etc.

My bathroom now - with no sink (below). I am WAY TOO aggrevated to go into it now - but I'll give you the short version now - When the plumber came today to put my toilet back he noticed the pipe under the sink was broke, as the tiler took the vanity out from under the sink and left my sink hanging by a bolt from the wall. My HEAVY ceramic sink can't be supported just by that, so it bust the pipe. We're going to talk to the tiler tomorrow morning about it - he broke it - he pays for it. I am so mad and angry right now, and as soon as he was done - (the plumber - who wouldn't put my sink back in tonight, as he said he needs to do a PROPER job tomorrow rather than doing a half-ass job and then leaving knowing that my sink could burst the pipes out from the wall one day if I lean on the sink too hard. So after the plumber was done, I cleaned up the bathroom fast of most of the dust, hoped into a quick shower and headed off to the Montreal Knitting Meetup. HAD TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

I got some stitch markers in the mail today from the Stitch Marker Swap. I signed up to swap with 4 people and these are 2 of the 4 so far. These purple, cream and pink ones are from Celia in Australia. Of course I emailed her to thank her for them. She was happy that they arrived to me without damage. These stitch markers to your right are from Lillian in Canton, Ma - which is where my best friend Sherrie is currently living - so I asked her if she knew a Lillian so-and-so - but no. Oh well. Emailed Lillian a thank you - also - to let her know I received them!

Montreal Knitting Meetup tonight at 2nd Cup on Monkland:

My new friend Angela working on a kittyville hat at the Knitting Meetup.

My cousin Jenn winding up some yarn for Angela at the Knitting Meetup. I need a ball winder! I have hanks that need to turn into cakes! I love this shot - wow!
I stopped by my friend Julie's house last night to pick up my T4 (for my taxes) and stayed a little bit talking to her. Now I'm zonked and MUST go to sleep.

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