Friday, March 24, 2006

Long Drive Down

We finally got our act together and started to head out on the road by 9:56 am. The mail hadn't come yet - I was a little upset about that - sometimes our mail comes by 9 am, and other days it's not until later. First stop gas. Filled up the car. Second stop, Tim Horton's for some breakfast. I got a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and a tea (didn't win with Roll Up the Rim to Win - neither did Jamie on his coffee cup). I drove the first 3 hours about. The border was fun. The guy was asking a LOT of questions. Where were we going, how long were we staying, how did I meet the person we were staying with, how I knew Jamie, what I did, what he did, if I was bringing in any gifts - told him that I was bringing in a gift for my friend who we were staying with (of serving trays), and then he asked to pop the trunk. He shuffled around the trunk a bit, I couldn't believe how many questions just to get across the border, but I guess he was just doing his job.
I drove until almost New Hampshire, and then Jamie took over. I napped about 1 hour or so, and then after waking up I worked a bit on my kittyville hat.

We finally got there, after forgetting to stop for lunch, we got into Boston, after a few little minor mapquest mix ups, and my gas light turning on and us freaking out with no gas stations in sight!

But at last, we pulled into my friend Sherrie's condo complex JUST as my friend Lauren & Seth were pulling in from Philly. What a coincidence! We got in, chilled, ate some food (we were starving) and at this point, I decided to try to be good with food all weekend, but to fuck it if I had to - and had some tostitos, with salsa - mmmm!

Eventually Brad got there - Sherrie's boyfriend, and we got to meet him, hadn't before. We eventually got ready and headed out to Providence, Rhode Island to Joe's Bar and Grill. We ordered food, Jamie wasn't feeling too good at this point, was tired, nauseas, and had the sweats, so he got his food to go - he felt bad for ordering, since it was Brad who ended up picking up the tab, and wouldn't let any of us pay. Dinner was fab - I ordered Angel hair Primavera, it was delicious. I also tried Spinach & Artichoke Dip - with tostitos, DELICIOUS. My new fave!

(Jamie's feeling a little better now - thank goodness) going to go watch TV with everyone, and then get some sleep - we're going into Boston (downtown) tomorrow. Right now we're in Canton, MA, just 20 minutes outside of Boston.

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