Monday, March 20, 2006


I get my act together, and go to the bank first on my way out, and then to Walmart (evil evil place!) I ended up getting 4.5mm DPN's at walmart instead of going to circular root for the kittyville hat, because first off, I know how to use DPN's and like them. Not too sure about the whole circular thing yet, and I can't find 16" ones, only 29". So I bought some really nice Red Boye DPN's and gold ones too - because I need 5 to knit and the dumb packaging only gives you 4? Weird. Why not 5? Maybe I should write to Boye and find out why we need to buy 2 packages? But then again - that's how they make money right? But why not charge a LITTLE bit more to get a 5th needle?

Class was actually pretty productive today, and I got an extention on my face project so I am in a great mood. Well - I am actually in a great mood because the sun is out more hours in the day, and today was the first day that I actually started feeling like I was coming out of my winter rut... the little depression that I was in for a while. It's all good now. Slowly coming back to normal! I worked on my portfolio project that is due next week at the end of class. I really like the progress I made today, and I'm starting to feel better about the assignments I am currently working on. I am less stressed right now, and hopefully the two little pimples that emmerged on my face will go away.

Earlier at Walmart along with the Boye needles I got some clothes (oops). I saw some awesome shirts on sale - so I bought a few - also didn't try it on - I perfer trying on at home, Walmart takes back. I don't do changing rooms in stores. So I usually only buy from places that have a 100% money back return policy. I will let you know tomorrow how those Walmart articles make out. And you know what - I don't care to say that some of my wardrobe comes from Walmart. BUM and 725 make GREAT clothing! I am not ashamed. I can afford labelled clothing, but I chose comfort over brand names and labels. Not my style.

After the gym (good workout - so happy I went) I watched 24 with Jamie, and Adam & Marc came over to watch it. Then Jamie and I caught last night's episode of Sopranos that we missed (as we totally forgot it was even on last night) and now I'm here infront of my computer...

Alright, must go shower and get to bed. 8 am class tomorrow morning, and must be alert. Angela is coming over tomorrow night to knit with me at my house instead of at the coffee shop, since no one seems to be free tomorrow night to come knitting. So we're doing free tea and free muffins at my place. YEY! Can't wait.

And that's where my day went....!

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