Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sock Progress

Today's progress on my sock! She's starting to really look like a sock! I am sooo impressed!

And here is a picture that my sister just sent me, of Bosco - my parent's dog (still got his ears taped for the time being - maybe another month or two of the ear taping before his ears stand up by themselves beautifully for shows). My dad is currently out of town, and Bosco discovered the (NEW) black leather couch in the den. Apparently my mom and sister were watching/keeping an eye on him and he WAS on his bed when they left him, and when they went back to check on him - he was on the leather couch. This is the first time he's done this - apparently.
A quick wrap of today:
Had class very early this morning - too early, considering I only got 4 and a half hours of sleep last night as I was up late working on my HTML project (which I hated doing by the way!) and so class was just tedious. I worked on my face project all morning this morning - the face project is due next Tuesday, but we don't have to have it 100%. We just need to finish the eyes, mouth and good detail on the face.... I am ALMOST done the eyes - they will be looking the same once finished - right now they're a tad off from each other. I have the nose almost outlined, but it's too pale, and I have no yet started on the mouth - besides a few burning in of some shading/highlight dodging. I am happy with my progress - between all my other classes and projects and as well as my time alloted to this project, this is a good start!
Did some groceries on my way home from school - needed to pick up stuff to make muffins for Jamie and cookies for my brother - both in chocolate chip.
This evening I came home and crashed for about 2 hours. I was exhausted. I woke up with a slight fever and took two tylenols. I was also shivering.
Ordered in chicken wings with Jamie (was going to cook but didn't realize I would crash and the dinner I wanted to make would take at least 1 hour to cook, if not 1 hour 15 minutes, so I'll make it another night this week (My favourite Chicken Pasta Bake Recipe).

I made my brother cookies tonight and muffins for the hubby. He loves it when I bake! The chocolate chip cookies inside - as promised - for running me the errand the other day, since I couldn't get to the West Island in time before a store closed.

This evening, I just chatted on MSN - cleaned up my office a little bit - and watched some episodes of Lost to catch up - but there's not Lost on tomorrow - only next week... So I had plenty of time to catch up on those episodes!
Well, time to get some sleep tonight. I am still zonked!

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