Sunday, March 12, 2006

Odd Things & People & The 20$ Find

After waking up this morning, my cousin Jenn called to confirm our date today to go to the Downtown Montreal Knitting Meetup. I had never been and we both read each other's minds yesterday and decided to go today. While on the phone this ebay seller's name came up: The-Mohairknitter. Oh my! Oh my. Oh my! This suit below - sells for 480$ US and actually sells! The seller has 1200+ positive feedback and 600+ unique positived. Some people have leather fetishes and I guess some people have mohair cat suit fetishes.

This should be classified as WHAT THE HECK WAS SHE THINKING?

Then while surfing ebay I found this:

Princess Leah
...and Darth Vader.

....WEIRD. But this is kinda cute. I'd never personally dress my pet up - but hey, I know people who do - and just laugh at them (my mother used to dress up our family GREAT DANE! (I need to post pictures on Flickr of the photoshoot I did with my parents' last Great Dane Tyson. But I was mimicking William Wegman's style of photography for a school project - so I have a SANE reason for dressing up a dog.)

Jenn came by, I wasn't ready yet - due to stuff I was doing for school (a little bit) this morning, and quickly got ready once she got here. We left, and headed to the shopping center near my house. First stop was the post office as I had to mail 2 packages for 1 swap I am in (the Card Making Kit Swap (which I posted a photograph of yesterday) and I found a TWENTY DOLLAR BILL just laying there - near the post office. I asked the girl at the cash if it was anyone's and since it's finders keepers - I took it. HA! I made 20$ this morning! Couldn't believe it. Who knows who dropped it - but it looked as though it had been sitting there for a while - so it was my lucky day. With that - I paid for lunch for Jenn & I, and Jamie had requested a sandwich from Tim Hortons (where we ate quickly) and I quickly headed back home to drop off Jamie's lunch and quickly pick up something else and we headed on our way to the Downtown Montreal Knitting Meetup.
I had a good time today there, meeting a LOT of new people, and seeing some friendly and familiar faces.
I STARTED TURNING THE HEEL ON MY FIRST SOCK TODAY! Ain't she a beauty? I love it! I love it! I love it! And I love my progress!!!
Jenn and I stayed longer than we thought, I thought the knitting meeting was from 1-3pm, but I guess it's for however long you want to be there - and we were there until about 4:30pm, when this homeless lady sat down next to Jenn & I - at a table that we had our stuff in - which Kadi (another knitter was sitting at - but she moved to say hello to girls on the other side of the tables). Now, this table was cornered by a wall and THE ENTIRE cafe was dead with no one in it practically - WHY did she HAVE to sit next to us - with her huge duffle bag, her plastic bags and wet coat and wet umbrella. First off, she SMELLED like she hadn't showered in 2 months, and after sitting down, she stuck her hand into her jacket, scratched one armpit excessively, and then moved onto the next armpit. That was my cue to leave.... so Jenn & I left ... as other knitters were slowly trickling out anyhow. I had to get home, as I have a project due tomorrow (which I just finished before - I am pleased with it - it's my stationary with my logo on it - business card and envelope as well).
Just finished watching the Season Premiere of Sopranos with Jamie & his friend Daniel. I guess Daniel got here some time during the afternoon while I was at the knitting meetup. Soprano's was sooo good tonight. Can't wait for next week.
Zeus likes sleeping in the "Corners" of my office. So cute.

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