Monday, March 06, 2006

Crochet Update

Today I stayed in bed a bit in the morning watching LOST on DVD (caught up to the end of episode 11 in Season 2). The guy renovating my bathroom came and did some initial plastering. He did 2 coats (with about an hour of drying in between and when he came back he brought the guy to look at my bathroom floor - which will be re-tiled next Wednesday, March 15th! I AM SO EXCITED LET ME TELL YOU! (I hate my bathroom and these touch ups will be fantastic). Anyhow so Steve will be back tomorrow to plaster again and then Wednesday to paint my bathroom uppwe walls (and behind the door) a nice French Vanilla. I will photograph the before and after for the walls and the floor as well. I am sooooo sick of my stick-on tiles that I got at Home Depot and want real tiles on the floor. The tiles under the stick-on's are from when the house was originally built in the 1950's and are NASTY! (EWWW!) (So call me a princess - I like CLEAN things in my house!) (I'll post my bathroom from my old apartment as soon as I scan the pics, so you can see why I was sooo happy to move out of there to a place with a CLEAN tub - but the rest of the bathroom needed a little of renovations!

Tonight after getting back from the gym (had my 3rd session with my trainer Ryan on abs & cardio) I worked on this new blanket I'm crocheting while watching 24 with Jamie. It's cream with different shades of grey stripes. I have 1 more shade of grey to add in (two different sets of rows for it) but I was testing out my crochet hook size - the yarn as well as the pattern. This is my first time continuing on with this pattern. The last thing I tried making with this pattern ended up curling up on me (I still wantt o re-try doing it since I have the yarn for that (the browns and beiges) so we'll see how this "baby" afghan turns out. I am happy with the progess so far.
Here is a full length picture of the chair - as it's my new chair. Jamie put it together for me yesterday and I absolutely LOVE IT. So now I have a spare chair in my office for when guests are over - they don't have to sit on this little foot bench we keep in the den to put our feet up on while watching TV!

I FINALLY received my knitting button set today in the mail. I absolutely love it. So damn cute. I had ordered them a long time ago - but there was some problems for it to be shipped to Canada - but I finally got them today! So delicious. I will be pinning them to my knitting bag - and maybe to the purse I'm carrying around right now (as they would look pretty good on there too) and be a proud knitter! Buttons are so much fun! And they were a very excellent price!

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