Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Run Down - Again.

I went to bed last night at a decent time - and got about 6 hours of sleep - but apparently 6 hours isn't enough, as I couldn't even make it until lunch. At lunch, I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, so I took off and headed home. I stopped on my way home and got my purse fixed - the zipper that busted on my new bag on Saturday. I can't wait to start using the new purse, now that it's fixed. It only cost 10$ to fix - which I find expensive just to replace the metal part - but whatever, I wanted the bag fixed so I could use it.

This is my new love!

I sat on my couch all afternoon, half catching up on 2 weeks worth of The O.C, some Desperate Housewives, amongst other shows that I've been taping and not watching because I haven't had the time. The fire was going, and well frankly I dozed off a couple of times.

This evening I wound some balls into cakes on my new ball winder.

First I started with a hank of Noro Kabuto - as I have a pattern in Knit 'n Style June 2006 that I want to see if I can make the Noro into a sweater. I was going to swatch it tonight, but then I ended up doing a mad woman spring cleaning - I was on a roll - and didn't want to stop (will continue tomorrow). HUGE To Do List for tomorrow.

Here is everything I turned into cakes tonight.

Well I'm going to go crash. Long day - exhausted. I don't know why I'm so run down lately - it sucks. I hate this feeling. And my throat has been bugging me lately.
I am also wondering how soon I can put a sign up in my window that we have an apartment for Rent. I want to see if my window sign will bring us anyone - that's how I got my last tenants. I really want to avoid paying for advertisment - if I can!

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