Friday, March 31, 2006

A Possible Job

I went to class this morning and worked on the Geisha image that we need to "trace" for 4 hours. My Geisha is coming along pretty good - I have no complaints. It's a little tough, but I will be able to get it accomplished in good time. I am not worried. Things are going to start being due soon, so I want to stay on top of things, that's for sure.

After class, I came home and napped. I laid down on the couch, thinking I'd watch some TV but that didn't really happen.

Tomorrow will be a huge clean up day and Jamie has promised his help all day - for whatever chore I need him to do. Hopefully things will get accomplished.

I got an email back today from the photographer whom I sent an email to. He said he would get back to me next week regarding the position available. This photographer I think is looking for office help - but I could be wrong? Someone I graduated with is currently working for him, and he's leaving and so someone is needed. This photographer looking for help is a long time friend of my mother's brother, and he also photographed my cousin's bar mitzvah's, and sweet 16, etc... and I ran into him at a wedding in November of 2004 - Jamie's best friend's sister was getting married and he was the photographer at the wedding. We spoke briefly, and haven't seen him since. I didn't hire him for my wedding - though I did consider it - but I ended up going with the photographer I did for her style - etc. Anyhow - we'll see what happens, but this could mean part time work! That would be fantastic.

Tonight Jamie had people over to play poker when I got home from renting Chicken Little and Memoirs of a Geisha and doing a huge grocery order when I went to the store to pick up my photos from my trip to Boston. This week was .12 cents a digital print, so I submitted my photos online on Wednesday and made time tonight to pick them up. I can't wait to put them in my album, I don't think I am going to scrapbook them - there aren't enough photos to scrapbook. My trip to Vegas I'll probably scrapbook.

This evening I made myself a really good salad and opened a bottle of wine. I watched most of Memoirs of a Geisha - but I'll finish the rest of it tomorrow - I'm too tired to watch any more right now. So far, it's a really good movie. A little long though - it's 2hr 24 minutes or something like that.

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