Friday, March 10, 2006

Got Mail Today! YEY! Got Mail Today! YEY!

This morning I worked on my Adobe Illustrator in class and then was finished about 45 minutes before class ended, so I decided to knit in class until class was over. To your left, this is how much I got done last night/today, before frogging it, because I dropped a stitch (can you see up top closer to the left hand side?) and it started unravelling. I tried using a thin needle to loop the stitches back together, but it just didn't work, so I frogged it - and have since restarted (a few times) lol.
This afternoon Jamie & I watched Survivor from last night, and also Apprentice from Monday night, which was both on tape. (Didn't have time to watch them as they were on, so we taped them). I knitted while watching, since Jamie doesn't seem to care whether we cuddle or I knit, lol... I think we stopped cuddling while watching TV a while ago - and now we're totally in a comfort zone).
I picked up some food this afternoon, as we were in DIRE need for groceries. Fridge was getting empty, and some regular stuff that we regularly need - we didn't have. (Jamie needed cream for his coffee and I needed some other items that are used on a regular basis).
After dinner Jamie started his poker game with everyone who was over. Tonight was a pretty full house. Tonight I learned that Jamie's sister will be staying with us next weekend but she's coming in on Thursday (we have a huge family 40th birthday party for 3 people turning 40 next weekend.)
I received my package from Cynthia today!! So exciting. I missed the postman so I had to go to the post office to get it, and then when I got home, I got distracted by the people at my house, and then eventually I realized that it was sitting in my office, so I went to open it. WOWO! I can't even begin to say how I am impressed with the stuff she sent me!

The first item I pulled out was this AWESOME Crochet Kitty pillow. WOW!

I did a self portrait to show you this awesome scarf that she crochet! I love it and it's soooooo soft!

I got pink yarn from Daiso - YUMMY (I'm imagining all the things I can make with this!)

And more pink goodies! (Can we see that I LOVE pink?) I got some strawberry sew/iron on patches, a pink storage box (NEEDED ONE ACTUALLY!) and some pink candies, and pink gum, pink beaded bracelet (Cyn did you make it? I love it!) and some bowlo cards (will definitely be scrapbooking with these!) and a gorgeous handmade stamp, some pink soap that smells delicious, and pink lip smackers. (I WANT/NEED Daiso to come to Montreal to open a store! Cyn - if they have a suggestion box in the store - please enter in my request!)

Above are MORE gorgeous items that Cynthia made me! I love it all. LOVE IT! A tissue cozy for my purse, a pouch, a crochet hook holder (NEEDED ONE - THANKS HUN!) and a book thong (bookmark!)

An awesome embellished tin, that I absolutely adore. First off, I'd love to know where to get tins like these (like what are they from?), they are absolutely perfect size to store things in - I want embellish some too!

And some awesome goodies INSIDE the embellished tin (note paper, postcards and stickers!

I also got a notebook (I journal - so this is fantastic) and stationary (which I love - as I write letters) and a homemade face cloth (which I'll use in the shower - I discovered cotton works best when using shower gel/soap in the shower rather than with the daily soap I use on my face) and a gorgeous homemade sock cat (instead of a sock monkey). (Speaking of Sock Monkey - I'm still waiting for my sock monkey kit in the mail - I wonder what happened to it?)
And LAST but definitely NOT least:

A pink purse that I am absoultey IN LOVE with. It's got a black cat on it (Cynthia and I have a black cat each that I swear are brother and sister! We're both Canadian, so who knows, it's very possible!) But this tote bag (purse to me - since I love LARGE bags) is just to die for. I am sorry - but I'm naming it my favourite piece in the package that I received! (Cynthia - I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I love EVERYTHING in this package - but this bag just is the icing ont he cake). I am very jealous though. I wish I could make stuff like this! I am very intimidated by my sewing machine, but I'm DYING to learn how to use it. I keep saying "This will be the weekend I take it out and give it a try" (but then it doesn't happen).

A close up of the kitty on the bag. The face attributes, and collar are all painted on. (GORGEOUS!) {Cyn, what kind of paint do you use to paint on the attributes?}
Here is what I sent her: (I hope she likes everything!)

I sent Cynthia a whole bunch of craft supplies and stationery, including some pink yarn (which she apparently always needs), glitter glue (she told me she LOVES glitter), paint, a roll of foam flowers, a pink butterfly, kitty note cards and heart notepad, candy hearts, raspberry tea (because it's PINK and Raspberry!), a cat photography book, a kitty photo album, a scrapbook calendar kit, an asian wine bottle cozy, a trivet, a big foot foot scrubber (since she's Big Girl Feet - the blog), pink stripped gloves (that I thought were AWESOME).

This is my "MAIN BIG PROJECT" I worked on. A hat and scarf. I was soo happy that I had enough yarn to finish both - as I can't find this yarn anywhere here (was purchased out of Montreal). I hope to find some more - the yarn was delicious to work with.

I also sent her some craft supplies - some pompoms, paint, roll of slide film (can't forget how photography was back before DIGITAL days! - I love slide film and then developing it through regular film development - it's called Cross Processing. VERY COOL EFFECTS), Tin of mints, MANY ZIPPERS for craft projects, a cool mesh little pouch, and some FUNKY jewelry (that I wish I could take credit for making - but it's actually from a local Montreal Jewelry maker (he usually sells in Old Montreal during the summer - but I happened to catch him this winter selling in a shop - LOVE his stuff - kind of pricey though - but I HAD to spoil Cynthia!)
And last but not least:

Made Cynthia a pin cushion with three different shades of pink - since it's her favourite colour as well!

This was actually the first time I'm following a pattern (reading a pattern!) I am amazed with myself!

I threw on a label onto the bottom. I was going to put labels onto the scarf & hat, but I don't really like how it goes on stiff - so I don't put labels on things I make that are clothing right now - I must get soft material labels. Not 100% impressed with these labels.

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