Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Present From Daddy

Got woken up by my father (whom I still call "Daddy") pretty early this morning with a present. He told me to go to the front door. And there he was - with a huge box! A brand new chair for my office. (I have a chair, but it's not the best back support in the world - plus I needed a new chair for myself, and I wanted a second chair in my office for guests and now I have my old chair for guests!) Jamie has to put it together, so I will show you once done! Then I went back to sleep, and slept in a little bit more, as I stayed up pretty late last night in bed watching episodes of LOST. I am trying to catch up so that I can watch the recent up to date episodes on TV.

This morning after getting up I worked all morning on my stitch markers for the swap that Lain is hosting. I have 4 partners that I will be mailing 5 to each, and got them all done. I even package them all up to be mailed. Each person is getting 5 different ones from the others. I have photographed them, but will only be posting the pictures once the recipients receive them, as I think they are all aware of my blog. (It's not a secret swap so I emailed them to say hello, to see what kind of projects they knit, etc).

I made it to the gym for 1pm today, for my apointment with Ryan. Today we worked on upper body, and it wasn't that bad of a workout, and thank goodness I didn't really need to use my legs, as they were still in pain.

After the gym, I started doing things around my office, but I am not too sure really if anything actually really got accomplished.

Anyhow, I need to pick up some knittting/crochet, some movies and stuff to go baby-sitting (for my dad's best friend so they can go out for my dad's birthday which is Wednesday). I need to be there for 7:20pm, so I better get cracking!

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