Friday, February 03, 2006

Postcard #4 - all the way from Ecuador!

Received postcard #4 today from Risa, and it hailed all the way from Ecuador - how cool is that?

I'm not even sure where that is - so I'm going to google it. So I just found this map. She lives in Quito, which is big and bold on the map. That's pretty cool. I'd love to go visit Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, etc... I want to travel the world, of course, who doesn't! I'd like to go to Brazil, Panama, Argentina, Australia, Japan, China, oh you name it... All around the world. My dream. Also, another dream is to travel the USA in a Winnebego, to every single US state! Some I've already been to - but not with Jamie. This would be something for us to do in our retirement.
Class today went by pretty fast, I got a lot accomplished on an Illustrator assignment, which I am very proud of myself. I got frustrated a few times, but managed to work out everything that needed to be be worked out. (We're learning how to use the pen tool properly).
After school headed home, and chilled out for a little bit, Jamie brought me home a salad from where he had lunch - a favourite place of mine for lunch, and then decided around 4pm to crawl into bed for a nap. I napped until about 6:30pm, when our doorbell rang with the first person for our poker game. I was out like a light. Dead to the world. Needed that nap MAJORLY.
This evening I worked a bit on my crochet blanket. I watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition & watched TLC/HGTV in our den.
I didn't feel like playing poker. I don't know why, just not in the mood. I have honestly been sick of texas hold'em lately, maybe I'll get back into it sometime soon.
Getting up to go to the gym early. 11 am Jamie wants to be there! Goodnight.

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